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  1. if only smart bro's connection is stable. i'd love them.. but it's not
  2. wanting it to be higher.. eheh! but this result is already from my tweaking
  3. Index: 0 Frequency: 5755.0 MHz ESN: 0a-00-3e-f2-37-63 Jitter: 2 RSSI: 806 Power Level: -71 Beacon Count: 7 BRcvW: 1 DFS: 0 FEC: 0 Type: Multipoint Avail: 1 Age: 0 Lockout: 0 RegFail 0 Range: 3332 feet TxBER: 1 EBcast: 1 Session Count: 1 NoLUIDS: 0 OutOfRange: 0 AuthFail: 0 EncryptFail: 0 Rescan Req: 0 FrameNumber: 1456 SectorID: 4 Color Code: 16 BeaconVersion: 1 SectorUserCount: 12 Frequency: 5755 NumULHalfSlots: 18 NumDLHalfSlots: 54 NumULContSlots: 3 ********************************************* Index: 1 Frequency: 5815.0 MHz ESN: 0a-00-3e-f2-37-32 Jitter: 4 RSSI: 397 Power L
  4. sorry, what's AP? i'm new here i don't know the terms.. thanks!
  5. greetings, i'm new to this forum i've been experiencing a lot of jitter in my smart bro connection, speed is ok, i get a stable 30-40kb/s in downloading, speed tests average in about 300kb maybe i'm a fortunate subsciber for getting my desired download speed. but my problem is that the connection is choppy, when playing in PLDT Play, latency replies are normally at 16 (which my brother using a bayantel dsl has a normal 125 latency) but the connection is choppy, how can i improve this? I get lag spikes all the time but for just a second or so, how can i improve th
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