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  1. Sorry for the delay. The laptop had broken keys and was 5 or 6 years old and to "tired" to get fixed so she replaced it. She actually had me remove the drive before I submitted it for recycle, you know, for security issues. Come to find out she is returning to college and needs all her old files and has no backup folders saved anywhere. I'm not giving up though, just a little busy to jump back on it just yet. thanx
  2. I did go into disk management and the drive only lists when I use the Toshiba hdd. I also added the power cable (additional) and moved it to the rear usb as well with no luck. It's looking like I might need to pay someone to retrieve her files or purchase a different brand of enclosure. I bought two at Tiger Direct ... one SATA and one IDE. I figured they would come in handy to have around ...... Ultra ULT31738 Hard Drive Enclosure Application: 2.5"IDE drive Interface: USB2.0 Data Trans. Rate: 480Mb / Sec.(USB to IDE) DC Input: USB/PS2+5V Dimensions: 1.5 x 3 x 0.5
  3. Ok. Here's the update. I can't choose to boot from usb, and I can't "see" the external drive no matter what I do. I went into disk management and the Hitachi HDD doesn't show at all but it freezes everything up until I disconnect it, then when I reconnect it's still not showing. The Toshiba HDD actually pops up in disk management, but when I try to open the drive it also freezes everything up. I'm going to try to repair an old Gateway desktop and see if the version of windows on it will open the drives for me. Thanks again for your responses. I will try to remember to keep you all posted with any resolution or workaround I can find.
  4. I also thought the 2 OS's were conflicting. I will try to set boot sequence to usb and see if it will run. The PC I'm working on is much newer than the laptop hdd. I've tried 2 different types of laptop HDD's and both were working fine when removed, a Toshiba 30 gig with XP Professional and a Hitachi 40 Gig with XP home edition. I can't see either one. The book that came with the enclosure said you should only need the disk if you're running Windows 98. The HP laptop I used was running XP home edition as well. My desk top is an HP Media Center running Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I'll let you know if changing the boot sequence works. Thanks.
  5. My daughter's Gateway Laptop was replaced and I purchased an Ultra USB 2.0 High Speed enclosure for the removed HD. I can't get Vista 64 bit to see it. It installs the drivers and nothing shows up in drive listing for it. I tried it on an HP laptop and ran into the same problem. Does anybody know how I can access the files on the 2.5 drive?
  6. That other link didn't work ... try this one: http://cid-f8c158b30dc4c9b8.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Blues%20and%20Jazz
  7. I have been recording records for a couple of years now using Windows Media Plus Analog Recorder. You do need a pre-amp and Radio Shack makes a good one for less than 50 bucks, although any stereo with an output can do the same thing. Check out some of tese old tunes from 78's and 33's I did a while back. The software takes out the pops and hiss as well! http://cid-f8c158b30dc4c9b8.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Blues and Jazz
  8. Been away for a while .. just clicked as well!
  9. I'm not sure but I think you can get the DNS from your internet service provider .... call them and ask what it is.
  10. I've picked up 2 tv's from Best Buy and only had a lamp problem with the Rear Projection. They sent some one right over to correct the issue in a totally painless procedure. I would recommend them to anyone just for customer service alone! I've spen over $12,000.00 in electronic purchases from them store and never a problem with anything else. Enjoy your Toshiba ... that would be my choice as well.
  11. It seems a lot of folks out there are having the same exact problems. Many forums on this subject. No fixes though. I was playing Star Wars II on my playstation last night and kept getting the lost connection signal and I've also noticed some problems with my X-Box 360 wireless connections recently as well. I'm hard wired into a Linksys wireless router from a Motorola sb4100 using Time Warner RR as an ISP. I also receive Digital Phone service through the same connection. That means its utilizing signals in both directions ... I wonder if there is some type of interference going on in the transfer of signals somehow? Anyway I'm told that the ISP doesn't update the DOCSIS firmware and Linksys network wizard finds no problems with my connection. Maybe if I switch to a static IP address ..... or register the MAC address with the ISP .... or switch to a DSL ...... arghhhh ... sigh
  12. Whew ... I'm getting tired of hardware not working anymore.
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