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  1. Any new way of accessing smartbro Canopy Page? I'm having a hard time getting my canopy IP. Im using windows 7 by the way, should I be using XP?
  2. Yep.. everything seems fine to me. Thank CB and to everyone who reported.
  3. Has anyone encountered some problems with smart bro lately? like page not loading well, or page not loading at all, intermittent connection and the like... I live in Zamboanga City, just last week I encountered this problem like some webpages are not loading and you have to keep on hitting the refresh button in order to load the webpage. Even testmy.net did not load, I have to keep refreshing the page in order to load testmy.net page. So I tried to check what the problem is, Im using a router so I hook up smarbro directly to my PC, same issue. Next, I check my canopy and everything is ok, low jitter, hi RSSI.. few SM connected to AP. Third, I scan for viruses and spyware with updated NOD32, run tuneup utilites, delete temp files, defrag registry, defrag hard drive but still have the same issue. I was thinking, there might be a problem with the routing table of smartbro.. I'm not sure.
  4. ok, for those people who still has the ip for their canopy, chances are you might be able to see other subscriber's info when you access your canopy. How to solve this problem: 1. Here is the hard part, call Smartbro customer service and have send a technician. You can say you don't have internet connection or your antenna got damage. Whatever the reason have them send a technician. 2. Once the technician comes to your place, have him check your computer. Chances are, he will replace your SM ip to 10.x.x.x. Once that has been done, you will be able to access your canopy page by changing your ip to and then do arp-a on the command prompt.
  5. When you are at your canopy main page, makikita mo mga general info.. you can also see the subscribers information such as service ref. number, name, contact number and address. I can see my neighbors general info... Luckily, I was able to resolve my problem. Thanks Anyway.
  6. Hey guys im new here, I've been browsing a lot from these forums doing some reading here and there. I'm able to access my smartbro canopy page using the default http:// but the problem is, I can see other peoples account, it keeps refreshing and I could not find the own account in the canopy page. Please help. I really need to change some settings in my canopy. Thanks in advance.
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