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    your using DSL. there are a lot of variables that can affect what your speeds. the biggest one is how far are you from the main distribution site.if you live right next to it, you will have awesome performance from your DSL, but get 2 miles from it and your speed can and will drop off. thru my own experience i lived less than 1 mile from the main server and yet i had really piss poor performance with it. i was paying for extreme and i was lucky to get snail speed.the cause was how they had the trunk lines run in my area. it ended up being almost 4 miles before they got to my connection. secondly if the wires coming in are not in to good of shape they can and do affect it all so. have them set you up a dedicated line for the DSL and it will help with some of the speed problems. hope this adds a little light on it for you. DSL= BAD! CABLE=GOOD!
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