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  1. Me too..there are times that I encounter slow buffering from youtube but is ok when im browsing different websites. also tried scanning my unit with different spyware/malware and antivirus program..was able to detect some tracking cookies on my browser but after removing those,youtube still suffers from slow buffer rate.. but after few days it went well again.. it's tedious work but checking your pc for any culprits might help and if everything has been done on your part and you're confident that it's not your pc having the problem, it could be the high volume of traffic or internet access to
  2. if you say that you could open the portal page of the smartbro well i think you have an internet connection,it's just that you need to login to the portal using the user id and password given to you or if you forgot it you could call their tech support hotline for them to give it to you. you could also try these if you are able to login to the portal page properly but still can't surf the net: 1. clear everything on your browser (cookies,history etc.) 2. try disabling your firewall/antivirus for the mean time while setting up the connection to your desktop 3. set your DNS manual
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