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  1. CA3LE, My fans start out on my IMAC in a normal mode, after opening mail and then Safari they kick into max and stay that way until I put it to sleep. Shortly after awake it does it again. I have spent weeks with an Apple software person and still no fix. We did the reset for the PRAM, no change. I forgot to mention, Apple replaced my hard drive and that is when all fun started. Any suggestions beyond buying a new computer, which I am going to do shortly. The reason they replaced the hard drive was , the busy wheel was coming on early when using Safari and would be locked. This happened all the time. It still happens with new hard drive so obviously that was not the problem. https://testmy.net/ipb/public/style_emoticons/default/tickedoff.gif
  2. Reno, Welcome aboard, dig in and have fun. local.peon http://www.testmy.net/ipb/public/style_emoticons/default/2funny.gif
  3. rayj0054, Welcome to the group. I think you can find a few more Texans here. Lampasas here. Welcome dmb, I hope you have a good time and always ask for help, there are some real experts around most of the time. I , not being one.
  4. Greetings Adolf, It appears no one has ever welcomed you to the group. We are all for that. Please give us another chance and jump into the discussions. local.peon
  5. mudmanc4, Thank you for your comments, I will try to remember to update the thread, after she decides what to do.It may be awhile, knowing her.
  6. dlewis23, Thank you for your post, I will tell my sister what you said. I was afraid it was not going to be worth fixing.
  7. Tommie & All, I got the following response from one of HP's high rated forum participants. "If the vertical lines show up in both DOS and Window, then it means your physical LCD TFT panel is bad. You can confirm my theory by connecting an external monitor or LCD panel via your VGA connector. If the image is good, it further confirms your internal LCD panel is bad. If the image is also bad, then it is your Graphics Controller." I have forwarded this info to my sister and told her to get it checked out in LA. Therefore I am done with the problem , at least for now. Thank you all for ideas and suggestions.
  8. JH2688 Thank you for your post, No, the RAM is the same as when she bought the computer from HP.
  9. zalternate, Thank you for the post, I went to the link and followed several on several pages, but did not find any solutions.
  10. Tommie, Thank you for the response, No , I do not have the earlier fix. Laptop is in LA and I am in Texas. Just got back from out there. I had not tried their forum. After your suggestion I went to the HP forum and after posting the problem there. I also searched their posts but did not find anything similar.
  11. My sisters laptop, Compaq nx6325 2006 model, running Windows XP, has vertical differrnt colored lines across the entire screen. They are various widths, but all under 1/32, there is no repeat in the pattern. You can operate the computer with out any problems, when you have a window open you can see through the lines. All drivers and XP are up to date. I opened the laptop in DOS and the lines are still there. Any ideas? Two years ago she had black, white and blue vertical lines, I contactedHP and sthey had me download a fix and it worked. I called them and because her warranty was out, they would not respond.
  12. RyanS, Thank you, Blue against a Brown background is almost invisible to these 67 year old eyes. Thanks for correcting me.
  13. Go to testmy.net's main site. Cursor over Download test at the top left. Click on Test download and Upload page. Starting with Dual Bandwidth Speed Test, try and toggle the tests listed. They are not linked to anything. Needs to be fixed. Thank you
  14. localpeon


    Hi Abejoe, I hope you are enjoying the group and learning from the forums. Post your questions anytime.
  15. localpeon


    Fidel, How is your ISP business doing? Glad to have you as part of our group.
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