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  1. My uploads run around 125 th 200 kbps and the downloads not always this good but to much difference! good luck with verizon is the BBB going to help you out?I will tell you what after I have used the evdo I think I like it better than DSL because I can take my internet with me where ever I go.
  2. Yea I know I have been trying to get verizon DSL for a long time to I even sent the Gov and Senators Bird and Rockefeller and Shelly More they all answered me but Shelly Moore Capito! I am about 2 miles from where DSL ends. I realy like thre evdo I am getting pretty good speeds and it is soooooooooo much better than hughesnet. I was stuck with hughes for about 5 years.Here is some speed test I done with the evdo.
  3. I am between charleston and huntington right off I 64. Stay away from hughesnet wait for the evdo you will be much happier.
  4. Thanks that is what happend to me when was uploading a video I bet!
  5. I got alltel and man what a big improvement over HN ! Where I am I am getting 2 bars and it is 10 times faster than Hughes. I just ordered a external antena I should get the full signal now I played halo, crysis,Call of Duty, last night no lag at all! I love it And best of all a [glow=red,2,300](DOWNLOAD BUFFET!)[/glow]
  6. I have been a lurker on here for several years and now I am able to be rid of this nightmare! I just got EVDO and love it and I want to or I am canceling HN I am not in a contract so what is a good way to do it and be done with HN ? I have seen on here where some had canceled and HN continued on billing them. For the ones that is tired of hughenet I would check to see if you can get EVDO or some kind of wireless I live in the rural part of WV and I figured we would be the last to see any thing. I played online games last night that I only dreamed of playing with HN! Thanks for any helpe.
  7. What the WiMax advantage offers users A single WiMax antenna can beam high-speed Internet to entire neighborhoods. That means it could: * Bring high-speed Internet to hard-to-reach areas. It's expensive to run broadband cable to homes and businesses in rural areas. WiMax can be an alternative.
  8. Any one have any info on WIMAX? if this is the real deal it could be the break we have been waiting for. If any is curious here is a link.
  9. Is there any difference in the speed of the two on upload and download.
  10. Hello every one i am a newbie to the board looks like a good one, Is there any info on the DW7000 I have the 6000 wonder how much better the 7000 is on upload and download speeds it sure couldnt be any worse.
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