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  1. It is not on mute the volume is at 100% yet when I play a video no sound come out. If I use headphones I do hear a LITTLE bit but barely. what's wrong? Is there something wrong with the sound card or something?? How do I fix it (any way I could do it myself easily?)? Because restarting doesn't work.

  2. okay I want to install this package thing called MyBB and it's a discussion board....anyways you're supposed to install it and I still have no clue what to do

    so I download it, and unzip it right? Then what? It says to upload it to your web server. what does that mean??

    this is the site I have to download from MyBB

    In the folder where you extracted the MyBB package, there will be two folders: Documentation and Upload. Navigate into the Upload folder and upload all files and folders within it to your web server (the Documentation folder contains a few interesting documents you may wish to read, but it is not necessary to upload this folder). Usually the files are uploaded into a subdirectory called 'forums', 'forum', 'community' or 'mybb'. However, it is up to you where you want to upload it; just remember where you have uploaded the files.
  3. I have a CD rom that reads Operation Neptune and when I put it in my computer nothing comes up.

    I have another disc called Math 9-12 and when I put it in there it works but nothing comes up when I clicked on Install

    I tried again a different way and it says Installer not available. what does that mean??

  4. For a project at school I have to construct 2 graphs. About 2 months ago I did a similar project with using graphs and all that.

    well the problem is the date and time (x-axis) for this project is completely wrong, I have the time as 3/--/10 2:00 AM or PM and it shows 3/--/10 12:00 AM/PM. No matter WHAT I do, it doesn't change at all....

    now for the previous problem I did not have that problem at all. It was a dual axis graph I'm not sure if it's because of that, that is making the problem....

    How do I solve this? I need to fix it by Friday, and I have no idea how. the graph doesn't look right :/


  5. Here, this is how you can find it. I will attach a picture for easier explanation.

    Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->Windows Sidebar

    Picture attached.

    whatever button that says windows sidebar doesnt work for me. nothing comes up at all.

  6. goto start > then in the search box at the bottom, type "sidebar"      without the quotes, and bam, there you go :)

    If this does nothing, or gives you an error that there needs to be a service running, post it , and someone will help you get it running again

    I clicked on sidebar in the search results but nothing came up

  7. I have Windows Vista, and I've always had the Windows sidebar until a few months ago it suddenly vanished and never came back. I tried restarting the computer, because usually if I restart it, it comes back, but ever since it never came back. I went to the control panel, personalization and appearance and clicked on the option for windows sidebar, but nothing happened. WIll I ever get the sidebar back?  :sad:

    I appreciate your help

  8. Get administrator priviliges first.  :shocked:

    what you mean? btw, I was able to get in but now he changed my password (my dad) and I want to figure out a way to change the password and username myself without going into NETGEAR firewall. also is there a way to prevent NETGEAR firewall form blocking sites on MY computer?

  9. I don't understand it much. I tried putting the fonts in a folder so then i can have it in the list of fonts but the folder is not in there

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