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  1. More from maduce - three months after the first post (above) I have a new modem from Comcast and the attention of Comcast Cable Communications Management whenever I have a problem. Apparently my old modem (Motorola) did not allow the use of the "Comcast Power Boost", an accelerator for the first 12 Mb of downloaded data. The Comcast accelerator tends to mess up the TMN speed test, but the new modem seems to have helped make my testing more consistent. Comcast has its own test site, but the site really only measures the accelerator. I have had some huge inconsistencies since then (about mid-Feb
  2. Buntz, Thanks for your input. I have also had Comcast techs here a number of times, but usually for interruption of service - caused by cut cable (my gardener); damaged cable underground (digging by phone company), etc. Line from the pole to my house now has sealed connectors, all up to date. Tech checked all this again and all to spec. He said that newer techs didn't deal with the old modem since it was working. New modem's biggest improvement immediately was signal to noise - if I heard him right about -6 dB improvement. I think maybe I should do another reset of the modem, just in case thi
  3. On Monday, 2/02/09 around 2:00PM a tech from Comcast came to my home. He immediately said "A Motorola SB4100! I haven't seen one of those for years! These won 't even accept the current software updates!". As I predicted he installed a new modem - an RCA, I'll check on the model number. He was confused by my setup, since I don't think he had ever worked on a wireless only Mac - my MacBook has never been configured using ethernet directly. However, setup went fine when done wirelessly. Although the Comcast Atlanta hub didn't seem to be working, the other hubs were OK and speeds yesterday ON THE
  4. spudler_t - The Comcast Test score (down) was about the same as the testmy.net score for me. Also, the Comcast Speed test doesn't provide any file size, etc. like the one on this site. I have been using the 12 Mb file size for my testing to be consistent. I will try the larger files which will probably produce a slower speed. I'm not sure how all the various speed tests relate anyway. My connection has improved, but whether or not Comcast is reducing bandwidth or just plain shutting an individual off (see the FAQ's page - they have a 70% of usage for 15 minutes limit when the network is "bec
  5. Test today and last 36 hours of testing and performance all have yielded consistent scores of above 11 Mbps (mostly over 13 Mbps) connection speed! After a message sent to the new M-lab site and one last message to Comcast Customer Service, everything changed! My speed went way up (to the present level) and yesterday (1/30) I received multiple emails and one phone call from Comcast executives who were "very concerned" about my connection problems. I also got a response from M-Lab (who passed on the message sent to them to Comcast Management). The phone call was from a Jacksonville-based member
  6. After complaining to Comcast - and it's 4:00 AM here - this is another test result - beyond where I am supposed to be - I just have regular Comcast service (no Blast). So in one day from 127 Kbps to 13.9 Mbps, with no change or explanation from Comcast!? A little hard to believe, but I guess this is the real speed when the network is free of traffic or is Comcast doing something I don't know about?? :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 13923 Kbps about 13.9 Mbps (tested with 12288 kB) Download Speed is:: 1700 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time::
  7. Buntz - Thanks, Since I posted I got two emails from Comcast - one offering a service tech - one wanting me to chat or to call (I'll probably call tomorrow). Meanwhile I contacted M-Lab (this site went online today http://www.measurementlab.net/). This is a consortium site generally aimed at protecting web neutrality (Google seems to be main driver). Comcast is in court at the moment about restricting BitTorrent traffic (I don't use this) and the M-Lab site looks like it is for much more technical people than me. However, I offered my experience with Comcast as a possible case of bandwidth r
  8. Update on Comcast speed - after five hours of slower and slower speeds - at 9:30 PM I used the CNET Bandwidth Meter to measure a connection speed of 127 Kbps (just above dial-up). I couldn't use the test on this site since it wouldn't load to complete the test. At around 10:30 PM speed had returned without any notice (of course) and the latest test produced an 8.3 Kbps connection and 1018 Kbps download. I am still hopeful to get some kind of explanation from Comcast about the vast fluctuation in bandwidth over the last 48 hours. Buntz - Thanks for the input. I expected to find this sort
  9. I just joined these forums in hopes of getting some comments and maybe insight into the inconsistency in connection speeds for Comcast High Speed Internet (or maybe - "Sometimes High Speed Internet"). Here are two test scores from this web site from the past 36 hours for my Comcast connection. I have the "regular" Comcast service which, I think is 8 Mbps plus a "power boost". I started this because I thought that it might be in my interest to go to an even higher speed connection for about $10/month. More personal stuff about me is posted today in the New Members forum. Speed Test 1/27/09
  10. I just registered, but I have been using this site for the past few days trying to figure out what's going on with Comcast High Speed Internet service. I could go to the "post my scores" forum, since I have a couple of pretty good scores, or one of the "problem" forums since I have some terrible scores - the last one is 0 (zero) since the test page wouldn't load and the test stopped at 89% complete. If someone sees this message, OK to respond, but I will post something more complete elsewhere. I am not a gamer, I do however view flash and steaming video and, of course, download software from t
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