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    I am new as well to the Bell HPSA network--Bell Turbo Hub and I as well am very impressed. Located outside Minden Ontario--very hilly and rocky--lots of evergreens to obstruct signal--but doing not bad. Installed an outdoor Yagi Antenna and will also be adding an amplifyer to maximize signal. Downloads and uploads are pretty much the same at 2mbs--I cant believe the upload speeds!!! I cant wait to see what the amp.does for my speeds.Also am able to use voice over ( magic jack) for first time--awsome.
    I as well have ended a 2 year stint with xplornet (Hughes) and cancelled a year early--so on top of having to put up with satellite and spending over 100.00 a month--I have a 312.00 early cancellation fee!!
    I will make that back in first 6 months--this new Bell deal is 1/4 the price as well. Only drawback is, it can get expensive for anyone doing alot of downloading of movies, music ect. After 10 gigabit in a month--it costs1.5cents per mb--I highly doubt I will go over the 10gigabit package.
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