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  1. thanks so much for the quick response and information....i will look into these suggestions, and let you know if they help my speed.
  2. slowly learning the internet..but life keeps getting in the way... i finally switched from starband and am using hughes net..but my speeds are still slow yesterday a hughes net tech ..helped by showing me that it was my avg(paid) that was slowing me down..so help please..what should i use? i understand that there is some adjustments that can be made to the install on avg..but i haven't gotten any response from them.. any advice? should i just use the free version of avg and my linksys router for a firewall (dell desk optiplex 320) thanks...
  3. wow this is so wonderful, thank you all so much for your information. i have some pretty good telephone signal this am, so i am going to try to contact starband, bummer, i have to call the internet service provider...duh... in order for them to respond to me..i have sent them emails at their support site since the beginning of February, with no response....hopefull they have any good news about correcting their signal, otherwise i will look into ending the starband service and next season installing hughes.
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