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  1. Thank you for replying mudmanc4. I haven't tried to do the first suggestion of taking out one stick from the motherboard.. I will try that later.. As for the startup programs, I already did that but still having the same problem.. I'm in safemode with networking right now that's why I can still reply and visit this site.. Thanks once again
  2. I badly need your help guys. Every time I load windows XP pro my computer keeps on re-starting. So I made a little research and manage to disable system failure Automatically restart from the Startup and recovery. But this time, every time I load windows the Blue screen would show this kind of error "Page_Fault_In_Nonpage_Area"... I tried to google the error and it was said that it caused by hardware or software issues. I re-install windows XP. I lost all my downloaded programs and saved files but still after few days I encounter the same problem. I don't experience this when I boot to sa
  3. Me myself was quite confused about "the scale of 8 and scale of 4 in the TCP/IP Analyzer". So i didn't bother to pursue the steps in cool buster's tutorial..But rather I followed his FOURmula tweak instead and downloaded DrTCP.. So far I'm getting good speed with this tweak.. This is my speed just by following cool buster's FOURmula..sometimes I do get higher speed than this. But well of course, I also configured my canopy settings following BlackShadow's advice. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 353 Kbps about 0.4 Mbps (tested with 512 kB) Download Spee
  4. dude you could upload your photos at "tinypic" for free and you don't even have to register. I already configured my canopy the way you instructed it to be, but still not getting good speed. I tried cablenut, TCP optimizer and DrTCP but quite confused on how to configure the settings. You mentioned about "home-made reflector". I was thinking of making an improvised stinger (reflector) for my canopy, but I'm afraid it might got struck by lightning. Thanks Blackshadow, I'll check my PM
  5. I lost my internet connection for nearly 4 days. Smartbro technical reps told me that our basestation is under restoration.. Blackshadow, how did you arrived with that kind of speed..If you using cablenut, TCP optimizer or DrTCP, please let us know your settings..I still can't obtain smartbro advertised speed. by the way if you want to include image to your post's replies, just upload your image to photobucket or tinypic and copy the url and paste it to your post.
  6. Thank you for explaining these in layman's terms. I'm not a techi person but somehow I could get a good grasp of what you are saying. Anyhow, i have some questions though. For example, I have come up with a good basestation considering RSSI, Jitters and all that...how would I apply that in my configuration? Do I have to uncheck again the other boxes and leave the ones with better stats? But you have mentioned once that it is not advisable...And when choosing the best basestation, do I also have to consider the color codes? Is there also a way to choose the best color code? Sorry blackshad
  7. Thank you once again blackshadow. I have applied the settings in my canopy configuration using what you have mentioned above..I'm still going to give it sometime to test my internet speed before I'm going to show the results. But so far I'm still experiencing slow connection. I've also read and followed coolbuster's tutorials and tweaks like his 20 steps and now being simplified to 10 steps using cablenut. I also followed his Fourmula tweak using DrTCP. Then I came across cFos that I haven't tried it yet coz from what I read it's a trial version...and up to this point, my smartbro co
  8. Oh by the way, for those smartbro users who still can't acces their canopy page, I share the same frustrations at first...so I did it the hard way..I grab my digicam and climb all the way up and took a clear shot of the sticker located at the back of the canopy (antenna), before you do this life threatening act be sure to secure yourself and most importantly, bring with you a pen and paper to jot down the numbers printed on the sticker. The numbers that you have to write by the way is the ESN number (mine has 12 digits, maybe it varies from other antennas). Once you have with you your ES
  9. Thank you blackshadow for the quick reply..I followed your instructions and it did saved my changes now I'm not quite sure yet if it made significant changes to my internet speed..(I'll keep you posted if it made any drastic smartbro internet performance to it's peak) what I'm concern now is about changing the settings in the "Custom Radio Frequency Scan Selection List" under Configuration > Radio tab. Is it advisable to check only the one with the highest RSSI and leave the rest unchecked? Thank you once again
  10. I've been reading all the tutorials here about boosting smartbro internet connection and made it to the point of having the luck to have access to my canopy page. The problem I'm facing now is that I can't save the changes I made from the configuration tab, specifically from the QoS. Whenever I save and boot, It still goes back to the original settings. My Sustained Uplink date Rate: 3500 wherein the max range is 0--7000, same thing with the Downlink date Rate. Somehow I want to change it to 5000, but whenever I save, it still reverts back to 3500.. Please I need your help regarding
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