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  1. "Watch it, there are Charter employees who frequent this web forum, such as myself who works in the high speed internet support, and between most of the calls received in one night they are about 90% user error or hardware related problems....about 10% of the problems we work with are indeed most of the time resolved over the phone if not by a 'truck roll' service call. For those of you who think DSL is better I wish you luck! Cheers!" Jason I for one am glad the are charter employees frequenting this forum. That fact still stands that your companies customer service sucks to high hell, and your statement sounds like an excuse. I have gotten rid of Charter more than a year ago, and have been alot happier with DSL. I haven't had one problem with my DSL as opposed to your service that was always having problems. I wouldn't have left Charter for that reason alone, because it was cheaper than the alternative. However customer service was 90% of the time not technical at all, and seemed like they were reading to me from a book. To be perfectly honest with you that's why your companies stock is at .03 cents a share. If it weren't for local contracts, you guys would have been done along time ago. I can't wait until Charter goes out of business, because they do not care about their customers, and the customers have finally been able to voice their disgust in the only way that Charter understands. I know that Charter is still trying to hang on and turn the company around, but unless they address this problem I think they will fail. Nothing would make me happier too. Good riddens to bad rubish!!!
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