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  1. Great score for 15 down 700kb up turbo plan, eh? Tech guy better fix it or I think I might explode! Of course I say explode for lack of appropriate words to use of how I actually feel.
  2. Hello. I am suppose to be getting 15mb down and 700kbs up and Iam getting 3 - 7mbs. Not only that I lag really bad in every game Iplay, which I meet the system requirements for by the way, and alsostreaming videos such as those on YouTube are also laggy. I am going to give you all the information this sticky requests. http://www.testmy.net/forum/make-it-faster/%28sticky%29-stop!-before-you-post-your-problems-read-this!/ 1.Operatingsystem is Windows XP Home Edition SP2 with all updates and that patchit recommends to download. I rebooted my pc afterwords before runningthese
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