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  1. That's impressive. What package are you on? I didn't know VM did this speed.
  2. Not bad. I get 386Mb on Speedtest.net after a recent free upgrade by Virgin Media.
  3. I pay Virgin Media £140 a month for TV VIP , including 2 X V6 boxes; land line and Broadband. My headline download speed is 300Mb but I always get well over that. With Speedtest.net I get 380Mb.
  4. Waited more than a couple of days. Same problem still ongoing.
  5. Has anybody else been getting slow and faltering test results on here recently? Normally, using a single thread via the London server I get > 330Mb download speed. The last few days either the test using a 200Mb file only achieves <100Mb download speed or doesn't complete at all. https://testmy.net/compID/744093452813
  6. I pay £40 a month for the broadband component of my Virgin Media account, i.e. 300mb/20Mb. Because VM allow for overheads, my modem config gives me a max traffic rate of 335Mb .
  7. Mine too. (Virgin Media UK) I get significantly over the advertised speed even in congested times. My headline speed is 300Mb, but I now get 331Mb consistently.
  8. My modem just received a new config file from Virgin Media and the downstream config has been increased. My down speed has therefore increased.
  9. This is the result I get 24/7 using UK servers. I subscribe to to Virgin Media. My up speed is usually just over 20Mb. I pay for 300/20Mb. Typically Virgin gets results over the advertised speed, because they configure your modem to allow for overheads.
  10. My connection is 300Mb/20Mb For this I pay £33 ($43)
  11. Whoops! I posted the wrong link above. My speedtest.net result.
  12. Take a look at this discussion here Home Networking The difference between speed test and another is pretty profound. It works like this (not very technical and skips over a tonne of technical aspects, but it demonstrates the issue at hand). If you imagine 2 users, call them Bob and Mike. There is 100Mbps split between the two of them at the local exchange, node or street box. Bob downloads a file (1 threaded), he gets 100Mbps. Now Mike runs a speedtest, single threaded. Bobs download slows to 50Mbps, Mikes speedtest gets 50Mbps (sharing available backhaul). Say Mike
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