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    With WildBlue, I was randomly (probably) selected to participate in their "Alpha" program to test new equipment and high speeds for what became their "Exede" program. The SPEEDS during that test-period were phenomenal ( extremely fast ) !!! The "deal" for me and others on that "Alpha" program was FREE SERVICE during the testing. At the end of the "Alpha" testing program, they gave the participants FREE SERVICE through the end of 2012 as a "thank you".

    HOWEVER......EVERY PARTICIPANT was "shut-down" and could not receive even the MINIMUM SERVICE at the end of the "Alpha" testing. On top of that....they continued to bill my bank account electronically and I had to argue with a Service Person on the phone each month in order to get refunds. They STILL owe me $ 98.00. I have spent over $ 200.00 additional in cell-phone fees attempting to get these "minor problems" resolved. I was OFF the Internet for more than a week ( which has caused me serious monetary problems ).

    MOST of the "Customer Service" people with WildBlue have HONESTLY TRIED to fix these problems. Their problem is: no authority. The COMPANY is SERIOUSLY MISMANAGED !!! It was bought-out by ViaSat a few months ago. ( IF you have any "Stock Investment" in either WildBlue OR ViaSat...I would suggest that you sell the stock and do NOT re-invest UNTIL they change TOP Management PERSONNEL.

    I was "required" to "Electronically-Sign" a 2-year extension agreement in order to get back on the Internet. I told the Customer Service person ( very good help, I might add...) that " I am NOT at all interested in signing an agreement...after experiencing the "problems that I have encoiuntered." But, it was necessary in order for me to get back on the Internet (with WildBlue - Exede-ViaSat ) I told him that as far as I am concerned...that contract was signed under "duress" AND is "VOIDABLE" by me at ANY TIME that I choose !!!

    We have FINALLY gotten "fibre-optic" phone-lines in my area......SO.....DSL is NOW available HERE !! (from some outfit ??? )

    I WILL be looking for some other Internet Service when I can find the time to do so !!!!

    The employees of WildBlue/ViaSat honestly TRY ( I believe ) to FIX problems....They just don't have the "authority" to do so.

    just my "Experienced Opinion.....
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    Hi General Lee, Like you I didn't receive a manual when they installed my system about five years ago, as a matter of fact all I got was the page I signed., I have recorded my up down speeds from last Sept till now, like you still setting in the dirt as far as the speed is concerned, Like you I have jumped through all the hoops with tech support and had repair out, their newest tactic is to change some of the parts of the dish it's self, and say try that, well the equipment isn't the problem, never has been. You are right about the overcrowding, it only logical if there is band width for 1 million accounts and they sell 3 million contracts guess who is on the short end of the stick, They almost have to throttle the speeds so everyone can stay connected, and it's real plain who gives up the most, the pro pack users. What gets me is how if you raise enough noise, they will wave their magic wand and your speed will go up for a short time but then it's back in the dirt. Wonder how many people are satisfied with all the lies?
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