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  1. Yeah I used more then 40 gigs a month when I was on 1.5Mbps/768 dsl. Trust me I wouldn't have gotten Surewest if I was going to be restricted to 40GB per month. Compared to Verizon's $179 30/5(50/5?) plan 50/50 for $190 isn't bad. I mean where else can you get a 50Mbps symmetrical connection to your home for under $200?
  2. That is wrong. When the 20Mbps plan first rolled out Surewest tech support was just assuming there was a cap. I spent 2 hours on the phone with them when I signed up for it and they finally confirmed that the 20Mbps plan was unlimited. Also that user's post that they are referencing mentions a Power User plan that doesn't even exist with the 20Mbps plan. I was on the Power User plan with a 75GB cap when I was on the 10Mbps plan and when I upgraded to the 20Mbps plan they said there is no longer a Power User plan because it is unlimited. Also the regular price of the 20Mbps plan is about $100 per month ($103.95). That user got mis-information because not one thing he stats is correct. Also look at the screen shot in my previous post. That also shows no cap for the 20Mbps service and clearly shows a 40GB cap for the 10Mbps service.
  3. There is no cap on the 20Mbps service and I really doubt the 50Mbps will. Only the 10Mbps plan has a cap. I upload about 3TB per month on my 20Mbps plan and they know I do and I have never had a problem. I have told you this a few times Blunted 2 why don't you believe me? Its too bad that Surewest really has no competition for these faster speeds. Verizon will never come to Sacramento because they don't own the phones here so right now there is only Comcast with their 8Mbps/768Kbps with powerboost plan. I really hope Surewest doesn't jack up the prices in the future.
  4. News Release: December 13, 2006 UP TO 50 MEGS PER SECOND?! SUREWEST CONTINUES TO BREAK INTERNET SPEED BARRIERS I just got off the phone with a Surewest Rep and it seems that if you have at least two other services (TV,Phone,Cell?) the 50Mbps plan is only $189.95 per month and $259.95 without bundle. They don't have a lot of details yet but the rep is pretty sure that the 50Mbps plan will be unlimited like the 20Mbps plan that I currently have. I will probably try it out for one month at the $189.95 rate to get a taste of 50Mbps/50Mbps out of my home but it's doubtful that I will be able to afford $100 more per month (currently pay $89.95 for 20Mbps) long term.
  5. Well the upload test finishes instantly (split-second), so unless they are only using a 1MB file for the upload test (which seems unlikely considering the speeds they are offering) it is uploading faster than 20Mbps. Is it really 80Mbps, maybe not, but you can't get any faster than instant.
  6. Well as I pointed out in the previous post I do get those fast speeds when uploading small files to my webspace. If Surewest is using a small file for the upload test the results are probably correct.
  7. Just tested it out on my surewest webspace and it seems like for small files I can hit blazing speeds up to ~100Mbps. As the files get bigger the speed starts to drop. 1466672 bytes transferred. (12.8 MB/s) (109 ms) 3201363 bytes transferred. (10.8 MB/s) (281 ms) 4019793 bytes transferred. (5.83 MB/s) (657 ms) 10642240 bytes transferred. (3.29 MB/s) (00:00:03) 13131599 bytes transferred. (3.07 MB/s) (00:00:04) 17815448 bytes transferred. (3.01 MB/s) (00:00:05) 24070456 bytes transferred. (2.81 MB/s) (00:00:08) 54858072 bytes transferred. (2.60 MB/s) (00:00:20)
  8. Yeah, I seem to be consistantly getting 80Mbps upload on their new test. On their old java based test I was getting under 70Mbps. Its not just Surewest though, on the ethernic speedtests http://ns1.etheric.net/ I can also usually get a similar speed and some others are a bit high as well. For real world consistant speed over a extended period of time it usually maxes out at just under 30Mbps though. I wish I could get that speed on large downloads but its still kind of fun to see a 80Mbps (10MB/s) upload burst on my home connection. 2006-07-23 14:57:18 Speed test @ speed-eq.etheric.net 20673/69767 Kbps 2006-08-29 01:17:22 Speed test @ personal.surewest.com 21004/69767 Kbps <<< Old java based test 2006-08-29 01:19:40 Speed test @ lax.speedtest.dslextreme.com 19296/54794 Kbps
  9. Surewest just updated their speedtest to that Ookla test (flash based test) that Speakeasy also uses. http://speedtest.surewest.net/ Guess I won't need to wait long if I need to upload anything to Surewest.
  10. Is there something special about uploading (over long distances) that makes it uneffected by speed drops. Common sense tells my that whatever speed I send at I should be able to recieve it at the same speed if everything was working how it should be. Is it because I just have better international routing then the NDT server? We are both on Level3 so would that make it Level3's fault? Would it be my ISP's fault or is it a problem on their end? Could something else be to blame?
  11. I can get pretty close to my max upload speed to that Switzerland NDT, but the download speed is lacking for some reason. I have noticed this with other things (usually higher latency servers but sometimes other things) as well (my upload will be great but the download slower than it should be). Anybody have an idea what is at fault? It seems odd that only my download speed would be affected.
  12. Surewest is a Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, and Carmichael, CA area ISP with limited coverage. Formerly Winfirst, Surewest bought Winfirst along with their fiber assets when they went bankrupt a few years back. They are on an Active FTTP (Active Ethernet) system (not PON like Verizon) so each customer has a 100Mbps dedicated link.
  13. I just hit a new high of almost 30Mbps (3555.39Kbytes/s) on my upload speed.
  14. I like using Cabos. http://cabos.sourceforge.jp/
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