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    My pleasure, CA3LE, and thanks again. By the way, which subforum do I post a 'why does my speed drop off at night?' question?
  2. Yes, indeed, tdawnaz, the 'Other' vote was by me for Opera. Thanks for adding it! Interesting side-note on the max download speed with Opera, CA3LE. As I'm *supposed* to be getting 15 Mbps, that's not an issue for me thus far, but I will keep it in mind if I ever go higher (or whether my ISP can actually do so is really the question!). And I hear you about not getting locked in with one particular one. I mainly stay with Opera because of my preferred customizations and keyboard shortcuts. I almost always have both Opera and Firefox open at all times, and open Chrome up if Opera
  3. My browser since 1998 is Opera! On my desktop, on my netbook, and on my phone. They were pioneers of many of the features common to all browsers these days (tabs, search from address bar, etc), and still does the best out-of-the-box ad blocking of all. I admit, it's become a bit of a memory hog lately, but I'll stick with it for now. Chrome seems to be the fastest of all the others, so may start using it more. Least favorite is IE. Even though it's improved, it's still the worst!
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    Found testmy.net when I started to question other test sites' results. I've been having download speed drop-off problems for months, now. Seemed to be better since the tech came out last week, but went nutty again tonight. So they're sending a tech out for probably the 8th time again... But thanks for providing the servers and resources for this! I really appreciate it!
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