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  1. in april 2016 and again november 2016, twcable maxx and charter customers may have noticed their isp server being over provisioned. IMHO this is a marketing gimmick to allow you to "speedtest" 15-20% faster - but at an unstable high latency speed. if your router's quality of service is disabled, and you are now seeing wired speedtests on your 50/5(60/6) service at 70/6 (or double this on double speed 100/10 tiers) I would strongly recommend you enable QoS and set it closer to 60/6 (about 15-20% below peek speedtest). this will lower the speedtest reads, but it will also lower your Latency back down to where it should be. lower latency during peek bursts of speed will benefit twitch gamers and lower the error re-transmission rate needed by bulk down-loaders. if you can't enable your QoS, but use a torrent or download client, you may want to at least cap the download rate within these clients 20% below your top speedtest.
  2. OK, tests seem back to normal now, thanks for you time. I'm noticing other intermittent weirdness, but I'll let others complain about it - LOL
  3. testServer=east and both tests were repeatedly run within a minute of each other. nothing has changed about my 50/5 8:4 ISP service or my PC - this is all on you. BTW you really need to do something about your results wallpaper and results font color. the contrast between them is so bad that it's very hard to read your blue test results.
  4. OK, it works for us lowly minions too... I feel so special now
  5. I'm happy the UI developer finally made a better way to tag and delete "your results" rows of tests. the problem now is the test records don't actually come off your list when you supposedly deleted them. for example i ran 3 sets of up/down test rows this morning and tried to delete the lowest score pair. I got the delete dialog box confirming my selection, but the rows are still there even after several attempts and chrome browser restarts.
  6. I agree $120/yr is a bargain for double the speed - I'm positive I won't miss it. I'd rather spend that $120/yr on another 4TB HDD to add to my home RAID.
  7. ok cable, nvm - it sorted itself out and i just got two nice 50/5 tests as expected. i had asked twc to downgrade my speed from 100/10 to 50/5 because i could not find any "killer app" worthy of the $120/yr additional expense. after the downgrade, everything seemed to work fine - except your test sight - but now that too is normal.
  8. should east coast testing be back to normal yet? i'm getting terrible results here, like 2mbps when it should be 50mbps.
  9. update: my posts in the forum and my content links now goes to a post populated page. thanks for fixing this
  10. I just wanted to stress how important 1gig LAN throughput is at home. If any one of your wired links is still running at 100 instead of 1000 you will only see 80mbps maxx no matter how optimal your PC is set. so anyone getting speed bumped on comcast/twcable should evaluate his LAN port connections from the PC through to the modem and make sure everything is truly running at the full 1gig capable spec. I've been on many forums where posters complain they don't get speeds, while still being stuck using an older 10/100 limited wifi/router or switch. here is a checklist of things to look for; 1. is the wan and lan port on my router model actually rated for 1000 2. is the lan port on my modem rated for 1000 (most 8:4 or 16:4 are) 3. exactly what RJ45 port led light colors will indicate 1000 is in use (make sure you check for your make&model mobo as colors can vary) 4. are you using 3 meter (or less) 5e rated or 6 rated patch cords 5. are patch cords touching magnetic fields such as AC/DC adapters CA3LE - I'm glad you are keeping pace with recent speed upgrades. I've read a lot of FUD on other forums that you're capped at 100mbps. Pgood - Before you increase, consider that I may be decreasing soon. I'm running a lot of tests and using heavy up/down apps simultaneously (100 player nearby mmorpg fps battles, two 1080 streams, fast surfing) and notice I'm using on average 3mb/s with very brief spikes to 6mb/s, I've concluded for one person 50/5 service may be more than enough, so I would consider 100/10 if I had 2 or more active users at home. even though your TG862G is 4:4, if you got a newer model at the same 50/5 speed, the increased Latency benefit of more channels is negligible, or may depend on how over subscribed your local ISP is being provisioned. here in Queens NY my Latency from 4/4 bumped to 8/4 on the same modem hardly changed, which tells me local channels are not crowded, even after the 20/2 to 100/10 bump went into effect, Latency was fine.
  11. here was my previous test before rebooting to Optimal:
  12. good news gang - i fixed my own problem. after spending time confirming my pc:cable:router:modem were all running at 1gig and my lan port drivers were up to date, it occurred to me to tweek win7/64 a bit; https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php i ran this utility, set it to Optimal settings, it changed two dozen registry entries. after a reboot i was testing within 5% of my 100/10 last mile speed. since a lot of people are getting >50m free speed upgrades at comcast and twc, hopefully others will find this thread and see the value of registry optimization. it's a shame that tool developer didn't keep updating it for win8 and beyond.
  13. fyi: the forum posts link no longer works. it shows i have 10 posts but when i click on it it takes me to a user profile page with no posts listed. There is no information to show.
  14. nice post P, but you are only repeating what I already know, and you have no at home experience testing this fast. it's a wired 1gig router average speed and my prime time to overnight speeds only differ by ± 2mbps or 2%. all auto tests are 90/9 locked on the nearest to NYC server as per the following link; testmy.net/auto?extraID=A&schType=&st=1&r_time=1&xtimes=12&minDFS=90&minUFS=9&testServer=east
  15. my GF and I live in the same area, and have the same isp modem router pc. me: 8:4 modem twc 20/2 turbo now (100/10) maxx speed gf: 8:4 modem twc 15/1 standard now (50/10) maxx speed. here are our testmy.net results NYC to "East" server; me: 72/9.5 or ~70% of my regional ookla speedtest gf: 51/4.5 or ~100% of her regional ookla speedtest so before i call twcable and downgrade to 15/1(50/5), i thought i'd ask here - why did i lose 30% down? was it because the internet backbone between my region and yours is the bottleneck at 80mbps, or does testmy hosting have problems dealing with residential coax isp tests over 80mbps I can post a pingtest that shows how many hops I am from your "east" test host if i knew what the actual address or public pingable IP was... FYI - I'm only 5 hops away from ookla, so it's no surprise I'm seeing my full advertised speed.
  16. NVM, I guess you are not following the news. anyway, you may want to put some disclaimer on your sight about testing over 100mbps, because a lot of people in NY,LA,Austin will be getting 200 and 300 service by year end.
  17. CA3LE - take a look at this; http://www.reddit.com/r/nyc/comments/2645tu/theyre_here_taken_in_ridgewood_queens_11385/ Comcast assigning DHCP to NYC TWCable customers? government officials and the media may grow interested in this new trend - well before the Comcast+TWCable merge is approved. testmy.net is in the unique position (particularly in NY and LA) of being able to accumulate solid data showing the growing number of Comcast IP managed TWCable last mile connections (in areas Comcast never was) and post it in a media presentable format.
  18. it would be nice if the "4" hyperlinked to a listing of my 4 posts, so i can quickly check if any of them got additional comments. Welcome spypet Sign Out 0 Messages 0 new | 4 posts
  19. i run this test using the following link every week; testmy.net/auto?extraID=A&schType=&st=1&r_time=1&xtimes=12&minDFS=40&minUFS=2 how can i force it to always test to the Washington DC server. even when i'm logged in and with your cookies intact, testmy.net keeps reverting me back down to Dallas TX, which is annoying as all hell as my results go haywire.
  20. for about a week now i'm seeing higher than usual speed testing here. i'm on standard tier 15/1 docsis2 modem based service this past year i would see 19.7/1.0 tops while testing here weekly. but for the past week i'm intermittently testing at 22, 25, and even had one test over 30 (i deleted it thinking it was a fluke, but the result link was https://testmy.net/tkw2dZ0.MsWy4dF.png ), and often doing 40/2 megabyte tests - this should not be possible giving my service and modem. oddly i still get the same 32/1 inflated results from speedtest.nyc.rr.com i always got only 4 hops away from me, so i know my service was not speed bumped higher by my ISP. also when I torrent (public IP - not thru a VPN) well seeded files like ubuntu, my actual download speed is never any faster than 2.4 MB/s. what has changed here in the past week or two regarding your Washington DC test server https://testmy.net/db/X7r3wsB]https://testmy.net/quickstats/spypet if you share what IP i can ping to at your DC test server, I can post a trace route between us.
  21. thanks everyone for lending your experience resources and insights changing to the East coast test address eventually got my results more inline with reality of the 15/1 i'm get on flash tests, and service i pay for. I say eventually because I suspect during the last few weeks of testing TWC/RR added capacity to my area, so maybe my complaints helped. keep up the good work providing a realistic speed testing alternative
  22. my tests from this web sight have gradually degraded in speed. mar/apr 15/1.0, may/jun 10/1.0, jul/aug 07/0.5 to the point where now testmy.net is useless to me, so anyone testing to this sight from the North East on TWC may want to try other testing sights before calling in a problem with your ISP, since these problems are routing issues they can't fix for you. my local speeds and speeds to other markets test out fine, it's testmy.net resources that are getting the shaft on TWC. i've had my line double checked and my modem replaced, and change my DHCP assigned public IP regularly, yet the testmy.net continues to get ever slower results for me while the rest of my performance to the web is fine. I'm currently using; megapath's speedtest because it allows me to test from NYC to various other markets. MegaPath is a CLEC reseller so they have no incentive to lie. I hope testmy.net figures out what the problem is because it's results are causing more harm than good for many consumers.
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