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  1. nah he did sumthing that made it run like hell, the tests cached? , i copied the text and pasted it into the post, how do i do it so its not "cached" and theres a duct coming of the refrigated air vent in this room
  2. right i would adgree that its not convincing thats its uncaped because of the other comp speeds, thats why im posting here, but i made a remote assistance invation with one of my good friends to conect and ateempt to tweak the net and ended up trying to uncap the line, he conected to comp1 ive checked anything i can think of thta would make false speeds but it stays the same regardles i can send snap shots of the screen but i dont know where to go to check what u request to see maybe explane a lil better i can get u pics but iv ejust re ran fsecure, clerased all cokies, cache and temp file
  3. i emptied everything ran the norton utilties, ran adaware spybot and fsecure and did even more tests but note this the "comp 2" has sum issuies, pertaing with eithernet conections comp1 is rock solid also note i belive"and its pretty convincing" that my line got uncaped however i wil empty everthing once again and make shure no accelorator crap is anywhare
  4. ive used motorola sb4200 a Comcast rca "rofl" and a Comcast webstar modem and yet to this day i swear this! Have u guys ever considered this, that the best cable modem of em all aint a modem at all its a gigabyte switch, no mater what ur speed is, rofl :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 24439 Kbps about 24.4 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB) Download Speed is:: 2983 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Tue Jul 26 19:36:23 MDT 2005 Bottom Line:: 436X faster than 56K 1MB download in 0.34 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 533.79 % faster than the a
  5. now depending on ur system setings that wil vaary, however i think id be safe to say if u created a network folder and can axcis stuf of the first switch on poc's on the second id be safe to say ur printer wil work fine however my bigest concern is this the begening of the entire picture is a telephone line now dsl can be amazing but thats alot of cable bro and other devices, with all on simatinsouley ur proly gona have sum serious lag lol but then again how fast is ur net? i assume ur gona d this using all cat5 cables and i assume u have basic or knock off switches if that is tru i
  6. in addition ive instaled custom cut cat 6 cables
  7. i have no tweak programs on comp1 nor comp2, all thta has been set is the rwin different to each comp, and these are the results i get and i note i have the Comcast pro line, comercial only actual upgrades are the .net framework, and minimal winupdate update's besides that i have the old "hot/cold chips u rmemeber those things they tried to uise to cool processors bak n the day one side get reallllly cold in exchange for the othe rheats up , the more heat u vent, the colder the cold side gets" ive got 17 of them, about 30 heatsinks and an army! of lil fans that are jimmy riged but basicl
  8. not quite shure but im pretty shure photoshop would be a good start for what ur gona need
  9. lol from what i understanding when a line is caped it is because the network is runing a rough say 100000mb over a part of the city, they change the caps when there shure the net can handle it ussualy when the net service has been upgraded kinda like when i uipgraded from residental net to comericla they had to uncap my line from 5 i think and move it to 7 but even though u can take more overhead bandwidth and put it to live use, ull never reach ur advertised speed ules ur isp kicks ass or u have $1500 to lay a t1 line when the line is caped its usually because thats the max for ur service
  10. lol lololol i ahd a problem like thta but backwards suddenly it fixed permently when i update my .net framework after reformating, i dont know why but it did, try downlaoding and instaling .net framework 1.1
  11. rofl why would u use a dsl.css on a cable conection, if u have done all the suggestions the pros here said 2 and stil se no results and ur on a 4 mb line u might wnaan go into control pannel/networkconections/local area conection/status/propteries/configure/advanced and make shure ur media type is set to 100 base TX full_duplex if it is i would inspect sum more, find out the age of ur net card and proly eventualy call comcast!
  12. there is "good ping to have" but the lower then better u see like homeboy above said a higer fps game might not be so good. this is because every frame per second u see the svr has to send to u and bak, if u have a higher ping honstly id say 200 and above it would be betetr to set a lower fps, also your conection matters alot, for example a 56k client could have a ping 200 and anywhare above, its not gona be typical for them to have lower, a dsl maybe 100 and above, sum dsl is realy fast and can produce cable pings ususaly 50 and above then going on to faster net services like t1, oem etc et
  13. well if all u need is to know how to write em, u just save a file named a .bat and insite u have .exe's im pretty shure at least thats what u would need to do, u cna do all this withnotepad!
  14. is there a way to per say maybe a link or a way to find out sum whare else whats causing or is any out there familiar with sof?
  15. i had a geforce 4, thats not proly gona be ur best bet for games like ut4 unles u reduce mad grapical setings, if ur fans arent caked with dust and are working right and u stil have problems and have tried chaning drivers, if u stil experience problems, this is kinda going out on a limb but, did u overclock ur viedocard "try it without overclocking and or do u use insane refreshrates or anything like that? sum times"rarely" its ur monitor that goes out and cant support it, and have u made shure u have at leats direct x 9b"even though the cards notr really compliant with it" have u conside
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