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  1. thanks, somehow my text doc got changed and it was messing things up - it still does it for some reason sometimes but i restored the opening file ext and that helped and now i can at least choose all files and that saves it with the media player icon ready to be opened thank you
  2. Need some help sometimes when i save a Windows Media Audio/Video file it saves as a text document then i have to choose program to open it. Question why does it save as a text document?? It doesnt do it with mpeg just wav - I try to choose the type of file when downloading but it only gives me text and all files option.. any help?
  3. OH and there is ANOTHER THING - with sat connection the first time you do a speed test here at testmy the page will not change as fast as the speed test - so in other words the speed test starts and then the page changes to the bar page and the test is affected by this change- So the test NOT be accurate the first time you test. It will only read about 4/5ths of the test giving a FALSE reading YOU MUST RUN THE TEST THEN RUN IT AGAIN or you will get a FALSE higher speed reading the first time run - This happens with the DW 6000 + 7000 +the WB - people are pasting 2000 speeds with their DW
  4. Here is some general knoledge from my observation - I have had DW 6000 for a couple years - If i recall it was 600.00 for dish etc, and then 59,99 a month for 15 months - that was the contract - I usually got about 1000 down and anywhere from 7-14kb a sec up. it was pretty consistant when it ran. The problem was I got TCP ed out alot - Often in the afternoons from noon to about 6:00 pm the tcp acceleration would be out- Everything was grounded perfectly but still I fould myself with my thumb on the wire trying to reduce the static and trying to get it to run alot. (you know what i mea
  5. thanks alot all that seems like that is it - much appreciated!
  6. I have a gt4016 gateway that is suppose to have 1024mb ddr dual channel ram - yet under system it reads 896 mb ram - is this what is suppose to be ? is the ddr dual not read. im a bit confused any help would be appreciated. thanks all
  7. I shut down my computer at night should i press the button on the front of the lcd and shut that off or just leave it on but with the orange light on.. any suggestions to preserve lcd life?
  8. Just to let you know I went yet again 3rd 100 mile trip (yep i live in the sticks) to get my 3rd Gateway lcd screne in hope that this one would be ok and no pixels out - tested it AT THE STORE and it looked good - got it home and .. well.. it still looks good! 3rd time a charm I guess - HOWEVER the manual says that the pixels being out (amount and location on the screne) is normal and the woman at the store said she called and Gateway only guarantees over 100 pixels out - Can you believe that? That cant be true but who knows - anyway looks like im looking good . Thanks all for listening
  9. Is it common for branmd new ones to have pixels that are out - and it isnt exceptable is it - or is it common place and gotta live with it - I mean should i expect the next one , after i return this one, to have one out also? how common is it for a new lcd?
  10. I just got a gateway lcd 19" flat panel - a pixel at the very bottom was out - a bright blue dot - returned it and got another one (from the same place) and now there is another pixel out on the right side (even worse spot than the first one) and it is a green dot?? IS THIS POSSIBLE - is it possible my computer is doing this? It is a brand new gateway computer. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  11. You can check your amount of download and upload through Wildblue by going to their portal and then "help" tab then check the downlaod amounts - it will show you how much you have downed and upped during the month and how much you have left - QUICK QUESTION FOR ANY WILDBLUE USER PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! My TX upload light flashes blink...blink... blink at a steady pace even when the comp is sgut down and no uploading is going on. IS THIS NORMAL??!!! please someone let me know thanks all
  12. OK her eit is. I just got Wildblue installed after 2 years of DW (6000) model. My wildblue is pro plan 79.99 a month (includes web space and dialup access) 1st I find the Wildblue to download at approx 40% faster than DW 6000 (which i got a pretty consistant 1000 down) The upload with my wildblue , though better than DW is still not the 256 up as advertised - it is around 114 or so - the download is pretty consistant at 1500-1600 - Here are my questions. Is the TX light on the Wildblue (upload light) suppose to blink at consistant intervals? Mine never seems to stop even with computer
  13. I have had DW and Wildblue i would go with wildblue.
  14. Yes It is important when setting up your email that your username is [email protected] you must use the whole @hughes.net - also they email you a password - you can go to http://hughesnet.myway.com/ then click mail log in with your username and password emailed to you then you can change it once you log in for the first time. Hope this helps
  15. Can't you get speakeasy through the airwaves? Is this what it is or do they also have a cable like company. Do you need them to be on a radio tower near you or what is the deal - info would be cool thanks!
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