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  1. For the past 3 years i have been stuck with direcway, until earlier this week i discovered that i can tether my samsung blackjack to my pc, and share my mobile phones internet with my PC!!! Im able to play Firstperson shooters with 100 ping!! The new ATT 3G network is pretty hot imo. I wanted to get sprint but they dont offer that in my area, and i just got 3g here a few weeks back. Im now a happy hughesnet subscriber! (Ever heard of such a thing =P)
  2. I dont have an answer for you, but i am having the same problem.. But not only w/ HTTPS sites, even when i try to visit normal sites w/o the proxy set it says this page cannot be found, and i get "No Data" sometimes.. I do know that the "Web Accel" that the DW6000 uses is disabled when viewing HTTPS Sites because the web accel is not secure, i have also tried to contact someone but i did not have the paitence to deal with those people.. Im also seeking a solution to this problem, Anyone?
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