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  1. You should call your ISP and ask them what package you got, then we'll be able to help you.
  2. The only bad thing I really see are smokes...
  3. Yup it is... http://www.bitcomet.com/
  4. We all like a different Anti-Virus because we are used to it and we like the interface and stuff.
  5. Thanks, my download doesn't look too great tho...
  6. Yeah, it's alot better then cancer sticks + it's cheaper
  7. lmao...true....I guess.....thats a big sig dont you think???
  8. Everything is possible. All they are trying to do is protect themselves.
  9. Hi biGBluebear, and welcome to The Forum. Any Bittorent programs are slow no matter what. Trust me. What's your advertised speed ? Enjoy your stay
  10. Wow dude thats freaky crazy, shit. I would of went crazy for sure lol
  11. LoL did you know it reduces sperm count? Me would be Internet and Computers, without them I'm nothing
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