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  1. So you dont think i can put the gaming router on the DMZ taking it off the NAT which might give me more connections, then route the connection with the gaming router?
  2. Im using the ActionTec that verizon supplies with FIOS. I have the Dlink gaming router but cant use it because it goes to the Actiontec through coaxial cable and not Cat5. You think it would help if i used both routers?
  3. If I have utorrent open with DHT enabled, Internet Explorer will get a page could not be displayed error. as soon as i close utorrent, it magically works again. If i turn off DHT it will not happen but then i am losing the benifits of having DHT enabled. Is there a way to make it work with DHT enabled?
  4. You dont think a modem would slow the FIOS down?
  5. I need a little bit of help too, how can i raise my upload a lil more? Im using Van burrens version 9 15/2mb fios tweak. removed directlink, please remove direct links to speedtest dot net before you post a image
  6. I bought a DLink gaming router for a hundred bucks last week and wanted to use it with my FIOS i got installed today. But the technician installed my FIOS using Coaxial and not Cat 5!!! Damn, did i just waste $100? I got it through newegg and already mailed in the rebate so i cant take it back.
  7. you didnt put the best client of all time. Bit Comet!!!!!!!111 it is the best
  8. hey EEBOB would 768kbps upload be enough for 16 people on H2. I get host alot on BTB but some people complain about lag. btw, isp is Comcast 8MB/768kbps
  9. dumb just get gas on the 2nd if u need gas
  10. To the guy that said you couldnt force host. Look at my Gamertags stats GT: CodsterTX see how im 42 in big team i was number #1 in the world for about a month till they blacklisted me. Me and my friend forced host until i was around level 33 then boosted from there. LOL and dont call me a cheater cuz i remember seeing several EEBOB's on the Big Team leaderboards back when standby was popular and i looked at the games that he secondary standbyd in.
  11. Thats funny cuz i have Comcast 8MB/768kbps and me and my friend use a program to make me host everygame in halo 2 plus i have a 1.1 ratio on BitComet. 100GB+ downloaded 110GB+ uploaded.
  12. How did ur DSL work when the Modem need Power?
  13. My IP on my computer kept changing so i had to keep changing the forwarded ports to the new IP and i kept getting IP Conflicts with my xbox. But now i just Set Up my Xbox and my PC to use a certain IP and so far have had no problems. Is this ok or am i at risk of hackers?
  14. OMG finally i get to help someone! Go to your router setup page, enable MTU and type 1492 for the number then save settings and volla no more disconnects!
  15. I had the Linksys BEFSR41 v3 and starting about a week ago i started get dropped connections during games and its effecting my perfomance and host record. I took it back and got the new Version 4 and it does it less than the v3 maybe i drop ounce a day. And if i dont have the router everything is nomal. My modem is also Linksys. I have Comcast 8MB/768kbps.
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