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  1. OK great.... it's cox... How do I know that? And what should I be prepared for once I call them? Thanks much. LD
  2. Gave ya two, just to be safe: Tracing route to testmy.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 163 ms 102 ms 102 ms 2 22 ms 102 ms 102 ms 3 23 ms 102 ms 102 ms ip68-2-2-73.ph.ph.cox.net [] 4 22 ms 102 ms 102 ms 5 23 ms 102 ms 102 ms 6 23 ms 102 ms 102 ms 7 22 ms 102 ms 102 ms 8 105 ms 101 ms 102 ms chndbbrc01-pos0203.rd.ph.cox.net [] 9 125 ms 102 ms 102 ms langbbrj01-so060100.r2.la.cox
  3. Hey Just: As I said, I isolated the modem and tested that way as well, still high pings and unpredicatable results. I understand the multi user deal. We have 4 comps Xbox and VoiP, so I know it's going to get worked, that why I direct connected. Re your second question. Why would I pay for 9/1 service and try to use a USB modem.... LOL. EXCEPT for the modem all Comps and routers are 10/100/1000 until you go to the wireless side. There I'm running multichannel G so 108. Before the upgrade to 9/1 things were very consistent during tests and pings in the 50-75 range
  4. Hey all: 1) What ping should I expect when pinging www.testmy.net
  5. Hey all: My two cents!! Space flight will never be easy or cheap. Our astronuants understand the risks of what they do and the reward to all of mankind. Today, even with our aging fleet of shuttles we are the preiminant space technology country for the near term. I for one DON'T want to give that away to anyone else. Someday, perhaps even in OUR lifetimes our ability to manage space may be the difference between life and death for millions of peaple. Honestly, thousands of "explorers" died just figuring out that the world isn't flat. After that thousands more "settlers"
  6. hey again: I'm sure some other folks here can give you a better picture of this but for what it's worth here are a couple of thoughts. 1) Thanks for the reply on what your running, it really shouldn't be a limiter for the test so we can set that aside. 2) Everyone is right, the newer card should blow the other one away. Try a few things before you say they are "about the same" First change settings to max out the cards work. Use higher than normal resolution and turn on anti hazing to max. The newer card has capabilties that you aren't using if you don't have the thin
  7. Hey: what system are you running? Could be your bottleneck isn't the card!!! LD
  8. Lantom


    Hey: I'm also using vonage Viop.... No issues...... Great and great price. HOWEVER, make sure you ahve the bandwidth. I have 1mps up so it's not an issue. If your 256 you could hit a wall much faster... I've run gaming, hosted server and had phones working. All fine. If I'm really pumping everything AND I upload a huge file, the file goes slower, but everthing else is fine. Also extra phone lines are cheap and you can route them so thats really a nice function, allong with having voicemail on your computer. Get it!!! Enjoy
  9. Hey: No question, lose the USB Get a good nic card. 10/100 should be fine but 10/100/1000 if you want to spring might help you down the road. (It's not that much cost difference.) I have all 10/100/1000 becuase I have home network so I have a 1000 router.. and all my connections system to system are SUPER fast... Anyway good luck with it, get a NIC.
  10. All: SPEED is life, we all agree on that. What I always find funny is how much we talk about speed yet, almost NO web sites upload to you as fast as your connections can download. At 1-5-9-15 Mps connection simply DOESN'T matter to a web site with fractioned upload bandwidth shared among all the people seeking data at the same time you are. I mean I love my cox 9/1 Mps setup, but really, upgrading from 5 to 9 didn't make much of a difference on the busy sites. The 1Mps upload is more important to me, and that always solid 1Mps when tested. I have Voip & Server in home s
  11. Hey All: I couple of things on this. 1) Visionoflove, if you really posted "cheating" the test, shame on you!!!! No one here really cares, they are smarter than that. 2) Vision, if you didn't "cheat" the tet than maybe something else happened, I'm going to ask PHP about that. 3) PHP, good catch on that post. 4) I was wondering if perhaps Vision got hit by something I've seen a few times. If I use my (back key) on brouser after a test I sometimes get a message that says something like. "Your speed of 12,200 exceeds the limits of your provider, this test will no
  12. LOL, OK I'm OLD!!!!! 286-16 as in 16megahertz. 16meg ram 15inch NEC "3D" color monitor. A few other Sweet!!! Upgrades for only $3,700.00 Thats right, what a deal I got...... So hot and sweet. One of the first 16's EVER!!!
  13. Hmm... Ok, if I buy that why does it give me 9 mps sometimes, and why was it perfect before?
  14. Hey: Don't think it's my modem, it worked fine for the 5mps service. It's a D-link DCM 202. it's the latest DOCSIS 2 stuff so it should be ok, but I'll take any thoughts? Lance
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