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  1. hopefully your right. Ive had direcway less than 48 hours and im already tempted to make the dish into my new outdoor shit house. If I try downloading anything over 20Mb, it will start fast, then slow down to a grueling pace and time out around 17-22mb completed.
  2. yea, but ive only had direcway for a little over 2 days now. My big issue has been with spikes in the connection. It will be going at a semi decent speed (roughly 70-80 kb/s) then drop down to around 2-3 kb/s. I got ahold of the district manager of Direct TV (couldnt get through to direcway) and he said that if it is working and installed correctly, I should be able to anihilate the local Charter cable modems. Im doing good now to break 56k. Looks like im stuck though, my areas phone lines dont support a faster connection than 28.8k, the cable company has been trying to sell for the last 11 years, so they havent offered any sort of cable modems, and no DSL support. I either have to settle for Direcway or 28.8k dialup. By the way, I live in the mountains of West Virginia, and am secluded from any major city, so we get shafted when it comes to technological services.
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