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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Ellie, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary... I recommend registering on TMN, then contact mudmanc4 (his profile - the topic you're talking about). He's a regular and usually visits TMN every day so I bet he'll respond quickly. You can also try posting to that topic after you signup... that will help others in the future. I looked it over and you have a bunch of legit Google plugins and addons. I've seen most of them and they're associated with things like google voice and video chat. I researched a bunch I was unaware of and came up with clean services... If you feel like you're being logged you might want to sniff your outgoing traffic. Chances are if someone has done that the program will be sending the information off somewhere (unless of course you have someone who has direct access to the computer... in which case, change your passwords and make new friends if you can't trust them, lol). What you can do is get a program like Little Snitch or something similar that alerts you every time your computer reaches out. You'll be bugged by many legit services... whitelist them and build up a known list of good guys. Then, if something like that tries to communicate out... YOU GOT THEM! You can take the IP to the authorities, they'll know what to do. Although, anyone smart enough will have intermediate proxies between you and them... the proxy machines often don't have anything to do with the snoop / attacker... which can literally make it impossible to find them. Good luck... I hope that you're just being paranoid and nobody is actually logging you. And HEY! Don't forget to test your Internet speed, that's what TestMy.net is all about. Kind Regards, - Damon - TestMy.net
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