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Found 1 result

  1. Maybe my own forum can help me... for the millionth time. I rarely post questions but it's still taught me allot of what I know. The past few days my modem or router seems to be locking at around 14Mbps. I feel like it's using one channel or something. Here's the query https://testmy.net/st...=3&l=25&q=CA3LE ... see all of the 14Mbps scores... almost exactly the same, every time. Taken on different computers too. (bet most of you didn't know you could combine two of the same type into one share image, huh?) Now I should probably take my own advice and connect the modem directly to first eliminate the router as a variable. But I've got too many things going on right now to take my network down. Plus, it really seems to me to be the modem... I've done this stuff for a long time, at this point I can feel where the problem is... that's my only way to describe that, lol. Why is it doing that? I thought maybe someone else knew what I was talking about and could save me from having to troubleshoot it. I can get my connection speed, or close to it on usenet. But it takes forever to ramp up. On usenet, to get to ~6000 kB/s or 46Mbps I had to download 275MB+ of information. e.g. Usually, I go from zero to full speed pretty much instantly. (giganews) What do you think? HAHAHA ... and as always, speedtest.net has NO IDEA that there is even a problem. Even though there is OBVIOUSLY a problem. Seriously guys, help me get the word out... the evidence is so stacked against their tests, why does everyone use them!!?? AHHH!
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