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FIOS connection problems - Using PC and Mac


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Similarly to several on this site, I've just gotten my FIOS service and am having problems.

Here's my situation: have a Dell PC (connects to internet fine); have Mac G5 (connects to internet, sends/receives email, unable to connect to an FTP site to upload changes to my website "server not found"); have Mac iBook (unable to access wireless network). Previously, both the Dell and the G5 accessed the network and the iBook could connect wirelessly. When I first set up the iBook, it picked up on my wireless network and configured itself. I have a dLink DI-604 router connected to a LinkSys WRT54G wireless router. The FIOS ethernet cable goes to the D-link. The D-link connects to the G5, the Dell, and the Linksys. Why doesn't this work? This is the same setup I had with the old router when I had Verizon set me up with DSL service a year ago. So far, I'm not seeing any advantages...nothing appears noticeably faster and as I've described, not much is working.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. The Verizon tech support (by phone) was useless. I have the number of the tech that installed the lines and hooked up the laptop. He'll be back from vacation on Tuesday, but I'd like to get this up and running before then, if possible. (I wasn't physically here when he set up the Dell and tested it.) His note reads: www.speakeasy.net/sepeed test 5/2 OK"

Thanks for your help.


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If you're connecting through 2 routers, make sure the first router(the d-link supplied by verizon), is set to, and the other router is set to ..(make sure both routers are not or both

Log into the linksys router and set the address to and set mtu to 1492.(assuming your PPPoE)

Make sure the d-link address is

Cycle power on routers, and reboot pcs...

Not sure if this helps you, but I sometimes set up a second router when friends come over with their towers, and I had connection problems that was caused by my cisco router(2nd) being set to same address as the d-link(1st).

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