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Help with Wirless Router


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I was hoping someone could help here. I bought a d-link wirless router that included the usb part to plug into the other computer. I connected the main internet to the router on the downstairs computer (the main one) and used the usb wirless connection on the one upstairs. The one upstairs works fine but the one connected through the router has frequent crashes, the internet will disconnect every couple of a minutes...I have no clue why this is.

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if the one downstairs crashes and has the net disconnected while the other one runs fine and can still use the net, it's a problem with the downstairs computer.

if the downstairs one crashes frequently and the internet gets disconnected frequently for both computers you have 2 separate problems, one with the downstairs computer causing it to crash frequently the other with the router or the modem or the isp causing the connection to drop.

while i would like to help out in either case it seems my level 3 cap of clairvoyance is failing me again, so you will need to give some more info the old fashioned way by posting it here.

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