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Whats with all these new ip addresses


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Ok, lately this week I have gotten renewed automaticly 3 times, I used to never get renewed inless I did it. I don't have a problemb with it but stuff is binded to the first range in the IP it was 4.62 than it changed to 70. then with fios it changed to 71. and now it changed again to 72. and sometimes it goes to using 68. ips I mean its a pain changing all the access rights just becuase my ip changes. and sometimes verizon dosent lease out a hostname (wich makes it harder) becuase it can use .fios.verizon.net but it dosent even have that! Is their a way to keep my ip on the same range? Not a static ip, but just in the genral range like IN 68. ips not changing from like 68. to 70. or 71. or 72. Thanks. If anyone knows why the ip is continualy disconncting (3 times this week) let me know. Thanks!

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