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  1. My apologies. This is how I interpret your traceroute: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms [router] 2 39 ms * 37 ms [modem] If that's not the case, I'd give your ISP a call to investigate the packet loss early in the route out from your PC.
  2. The ping is showing consistent packet loss, and the router is pointing to an issue with the connection between your router (on the first hop) and your modem (on the 2nd). Are you able connect directly to the modem via ethernet and perform the same tests again for comparison?
  3. When I log into the admin page of my router, I go to Tools and there is a network ping test which allows me to enter a URL or IP address, and my router then sends a ping to that host and tells me if it is able to get through. If you could find this, it would tell you if the router is getting the proper signal and able to send/receive data from the internet.
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  5. When you are connecting through the router, does the admin page show that the router is registering an IP address from the modem? Is there a ping utility on the router that you can use?
  6. I'm sure I could go fishing through the archives for this, but.... What kind of internet do you have? What make and model of router do you have?
  7. Hello and welcome, krappamc. A few questions: How are you downloading? Where are you downloading from? Are you using a router? Firewall? Can you provide a speedtest for us?
  8. The only thing I can think of is that the upstream power level, labelled "Upstream transmit signal power" may be a bit high, which can cause problems syncing to the CMTS.
  9. Hi Samwise and welcome! When you hook up the laptop to the router, do you know if it is connecting? If you are using Windows XP it should tell you in the system tray (bottom right) something like "Wireless Connection | Status: Connected". Otherwise, you can check by going to 'Network' from the Control Panel. Knowing this is a good point begin to troubleshoot your issue.
  10. That sounds like 1 of 2 things: hardware or signal issue. Mostly likely a signal issue. Hopefully they fix you up on Friday.
  11. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. To access "CMD" click start > run > and type cmd in the "Open:" field. This will bring you to the command prompt (like MSDOS). Then try the commands I put above, ping and traceroute. You can copy from CMD by right-clicking the screen and choosing "Mark". This allows you to highlight text. Then press enter to copy the highlighted text so you can paste back here. Welcome, btw, to TMN!
  12. cappy -- Looks like the first hop in your traceroute shows trouble. Using a router? If so -- what kind? using wireless? If not using a router -- post up your modem stats ( and/or call your ISP and let em know about your latency issues!
  13. ronss -- Were you able to determine whether your speed loss issues were due to problems with your router, or with Cox?
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  15. A few questions come to mind: How long has your modem been online? Do you keep your modem near any other electronic devices (ie. monitor, TV, router, computer)? Are you connecting wirelessly with your laptop to a router? What are your laptop stats? What kind of router are you using? Did you buy it new or refurbished? Can you show me a traceroute: (from cmd) tracert testmy.net -d and also a 50 hop ping (from cmd) ping testmy.net -n 50 I need to see something with some consistency rather than snapshots of your network state. I'd love to help you out. Let me know if you have any questions.
  16. This is what I get: Browser Mem Useage FF 115,016 K FF 3.0b1 97,232 K Opera 9.24 85,960 K using the following sites (tabs): [list] [*][url="www.rr.com"]RR[/url] [*][url="www.cnn.com"]CNN[/url] [*][url="www.youtube.com"]YouTube[/url] [*][url="www.microsoft.com"]M$[/url] [*]TMN [/list] [/html]
  17. An easy way you can tell if you have packets timing out by ICMP tests -- ie. ping, traceroute. Let me know if you want any further detail on how to perform or interpret these. A modem is ultimately bad if it doesn't maintain a connection to the internet or doesn't connect at all. But it can be bad in less noticeable ways. For example, it's signal and power levels may be off, which may cause irratic behavior and signal quality. Also, it may be flapping, which means that it is not maintaining a good quality connection with the server. You can log into to check the signals and post them back here for us to see. Otherwise, call your ISP tech support and request escalations until you are satisfied you are speaking with somebody at or above your own technical knowledge level.
  18. It could be the wireless of the router, the wireless adapter of the pc, or general interference. Here's a few thoughts. Grab a buddy with a wireless laptop and compare signal strengths and speeds from the same location of your computer to the router. If they are the same, then it's likely either the router's signal sending ability or some interference (which takes on many many forms). If they are different, it's likely your wireless adapter - maybe check the antenna (or rig one up) or update drivers. Check it out.
  19. My my my....quite an improvement. You must see the difference.
  20. IF you hardwire into the router is there much improvement? What are the speeds then?
  21. You might want to hard-wire that same computer into the router to see if there is a boost in speeds. If there aren't, it's not a wireless problem -- could be the router, the modem, the connection, etc. If the speeds do improve, it is most likely a wireless issue -- could be signal strength, interference, adapter problem, etc.
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  24. Hello and welcome, Alanz! There are a lot of potential items which can reduce your speed. That's why we recommend you read the bible first: http://www.testmy.net/t-2097 Post back with your findings or any questions.
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