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Direcway Highspeed? Mine doesn't seem like it.


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:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 883 Kbps about 0.9 Mbps (tested with 579 KB)

Download Speed is:: 108 KB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Bottom Line:: 16 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 9.48 second(s)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=0BO5QUK11

Guys it was slower earlier. I don't think I'm getting what I paid for. Can someone help?

Also when I do a test I get this

ERROR :: Proxy or Firewall Detected ::You might be behind a proxy cache server or firewall that is preventing testmy.net to authenticate that the results were indeed submitted from inside our server, or results were not posted from testmy.net and you are trying to cheat... If you have the option to turn off your proxy or firewall, please do and re-test... otherwise you might not get accurate results and will not be given an authentication code. (Your host may automatically put you behind a proxy/firewall)... but here are your results

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Since you have the DW6000 the speed is OK, I do believe the 6000 is capped at or around 1000Kbps.

As far as proxy not sure.

To CA3LE, all satellite users use a proxy to speed things up, mainly to reduce the effect of the latency.

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Have you ever heard that the lenght of cable will slow you down? I just read some of the horror stories on dwaysucks. Man I'm shakin. The only reason I got it is because my wife will be taking online classes toward a masters in nursing and all her books will have to be downloaded from an online library. I have never heard of that though.

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As far as cable lengths go, if you are OVER 125 in length you should be running the 'best' wire' (most installers use RG6 ...which is a standard and excellent 'wire'). If you have a run OVER 125 feet then you should place a signal amplifier (on the RECEIVE wire only!!!) no closer (or farther) than 25 feet from the dish ...otherwise it loses the ability to boost your signal. You DON'T want the signal amp unless you are in excess of 125 away or you'll frig up the DW6000's "finals" circuitry. ...and don't use an inline signal amp on your transmitter or you will fry the transmit side of the "radio" in a matter of seconds. You can TRY grounding your dish and then making it 'run' to your home electrical ground rod, but that's usually not necessary because it rarely forms "a loop" unless you live in an area with relatively little moisture in the ground you are setting on. (Personally, I don't believe in making a lightning rod out of my dish when it just makes NO difference in my performance if it is grounded or not). In the newer setups, the coaxial cable uses the outer 'webbed' wire (the shielding) as a ground anyway, which is attached to a grounding block on the building that is grounded to a copper rod (that's law), which serves as an excellent 'ground to earth' to prevent the buildup of any static the dish might pick up on windy days and and 'the like').

You should REALLY be getting faster speeds than what you have stated, so it's time to start "playing" with things until you find the right combo that works for you. Everyone is different! No two systems will behave the same ...ever. Don't be afraid to try 'sighting in' your dish for a higher Signal Strength. (I fiddled with mine and got it up to a 97 ...the installer left me with an 88 ...he had an IQ of 60 too). If you rummage around all the sites about speed you'll the combo that works best for you ...just plan on it taking a few weeks, or even a month or two before you stumble onto what works best. DWay says to not have anything "checked" in your browser settings. I discovered that by 'ticking' both Proxy boxes (Tools | Intenet Options | Connections |LAN Settings) that it brought my speed up by over 200kbps ...so those suckers have been "welded" on). lol Try it ...it may be the same for you. They also say that in your LAN settings you should have on Port 87 (well ...I tried 86 and got another 50kbps out of it ...dunno why, but I did). On DW4000's you can use either 83 or 85 (if I remember right). I always did better with 83 for some reason. 85 was 'crawling' slow....

I had to stop paying DWay for one month to get their idiotic attention concerning my speeds, and just recently I have been able to keep it up around 1,000kbps (it was getting bad, like hanging around 150kbps during the days and improving a bit at nights, and I was fit to be tied) ...but my contract says "up to" 1.5Mbps ...so even now (with their alleged repairs) it's still short of 80% of the stated full speed (80% is the real life figures) ...forget the advertised numbers when it comes to satellites. (at least with my personal experiences it has been that way). And so ...I am writing them every day and generally being a major pain until something good comes of it or they send a hitman to get rid of me.

I don't have any trouble using my DWay for 'live' online classes (giving them or just speaking) so your wife shouldn't either. It doesn't use as much bandwidth as you may think. (About 170MB per hour for my usage habits/averages while "going live"...).

*If anyone sees something here that is outright wrong as could be ...please clue me in ..I'm still experimenting with DWay!


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:shock: Hey ...I upgraded from a DW4000 Professional to a completely new setup. A DW6000 Commerical System with a .98m dish, a DW6000 Business modem, all on a 88foot run of "top quality" cabling. I had to pay $1,000 up front, then an additional $347.00 after taxes (and so did everyone else I know that bought into it ...like almost every WalMart out there ...(stateside that is).

What is hateful is that you guys are talking speeds I've never seen (yet), and this is supposed to be DWay "fastest" system? grrr.... You are using DWay 4000's (basic) really? ...and are pulling speeds over 800? (My BEST so far is 1088 'down')! CLEAR DAY -- Early Morning -- No Net Congestion. Phew!

Oh well ...welcome to DWay 'hell' once again. Back on the phone for me and more 'hate-mail' to DWay. My DW4000 Pro never gave me better than 750 'down' on the BEST days (for over year it was more like 650 on average) ...so I am confused here. DWay lies, installers lie ...who else is lying? lol...


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I think the DW6000 is a bad choice if you want halfway descent speeds. I was tempted to upgrade but I am now glad I have kept the 4000. The 6000 is nicer for networking but with a good router on the 4000 you can do fine. here are legit speeds from my tweaked DW. :::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 1575 Kbps about 1.6 Mbps (tested with 1496 KB)

Download Speed is:: 192 KB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Bottom Line:: 28 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 5.33 second(s)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=VUL1W2KJF

I have posted my speeds from time to time & I hope you belive them.

Here is some interesting info http://www.testmy.net/host_stats.php?host=direcpc.com&notboolean=1&submit=Submit+Query I have the bottom line DW & have no other choice for the net ( I live in the Oregon outback & am 25 MI from phone lines)

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:shock: It really bites to spend a small fortune for "higher" and end up with slower ...and then have to fight 'tooth and nail' to make DirecWay get that! They actually told me that 150 'down' during the day was the best I could expect from their "Commercial/Business (best) setup. What a 'crock'!!!!! I said, do the letters F.O. mean anything to you? Reply, "Well, DirecWay did not guarantee that you would even be able to ACCESS the Internet." My reply: "Okay, and I never promised that I'd pay your godforsaken bills!" ...and so far I haven't. :twisted:

I just ran a down speed test ...too embarrassed to post the sucker :? , (but there are two others online as well so it isn't totally accurate ...and got a 982 'overall' ...so, at best I would be getting a bit over 1.0Mbps 'tops' for all I've invested when I should be (at least) in the 1.2 range (to be at 80%. I don't get it. You are pulling 1.5 with a 4000 eh? I could never get mine over 750 on a clear day ...and my site is primo, ....in fact, everything considered is better than primo ...maybe I should buy some junk stuff and replace the good? lol.. I've got a primo site, primo wire, primo machine with everything better than perfect (even the ohms are balanced in the cabling!) ...Signal Strength that hangs out at 97 most of the time ...yet the sucker refuses to get up and go. I can't accept that my old "hotter than hades" 4000 can outdo a DW6000! But it seems that I need to reform my thinking. Wonder how much it could cost to build a laser to fry G4R? Hmm...I still have my twin DW4000's ...maybe it is time to 'drop back' and use the DW6000 in the Jeep Cross Country Motojam ...I'll drag the sucker along the entire trail(s) while we 'rock-climb'! 8)

Perhaps there is one STUPID little item that I've overlooked? I mean really, when the installer was hooked into his laptop, we were pulling a downspeed a www.toast.com of a solid 2004 over 30 times. Eight hours later the receiver/transmitter "smoked" ....got it replaced but it's no faster than it was when the cables were moved from his laptop to the network ...which were about 750 down before everyone "got tweaked out." We never did figure out where the speed went until it was discovered that the "radio" was giving up the ghost slow but sure. (When it was replaced, everything needed realignment ...and it's been a fight to keep it aligned every day since the last installer left (which makes four now). All idiots. I tore the dish apart, bought all new nuts and bolts, and replaced everything to prevent "slippage". The .98 dish that I got was made out of junk ...now it is bomb-proof and stays where ya put it no problem. (According to my measurements, that "radio" isn't sitting exactly at the distance it should be from "the sweet spot" of the dish ...it's over 11mm too far away ...but that's something I can mess with without really trashing a warranty ...(not that the warranty is worth beans ...the whole thing is $1500 out the danged window. (...and I had high hopes for the system, and it just can't do what I needed it too ...unless it can get up over 1.2Mbps and stay there (minimum)!

I'm not 'belly-aching' ...I am just really "put out" and rather irritated (at myself mostly).

I am going to disassemble everything and start from scratch ....and that includes the danged dish and pole too. (It isn't "perfectly" level ...but it surely is going to be)! Cables are fine, they "ping" perfectly and are even 'twisted-rolled" all the way, etc. It just blows my mind ...and out of four fully Intel-based high end machines we use, each one gets the same speed even if plugged directly into the modem with NO firewall or 'net' gear. Barebones or fullblown makes no diff in speed. But ...I've got the rest of my days to figure it out. Most likely I'll need all of them eh? heheh...

See ya in about four days...


Oh heck ...here are my numbers "as she sits"

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 925 Kbps about 0.9 Mbps (tested with 748 KB)

Download Speed is:: 113 KB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Bottom Line:: 17 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 9.06 second(s)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/auth_check.cgi?num=252525

With nobody but me 'on the dish' I can get about 1088 if I hold my mouth right ...and remember this sucker is DirecWays BEST AND FASTEST system ....on paper anyway.

I AM &%#*@^! heheh.... (shame on me)

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I just got my second letter back from DirecWay ...and you'll love this one. In fact, here's the pathetic run-a-round response I got:

Welcome to DIRECWAY E-Support, it is our pleasure to assist you.

Hello Reverend, Thank you for contacting DIRECWAY E-Support. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. I am sorry to hear of the issue you have experienced and I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience. I understand that you wish to file a complaint. I have included the contact information that is available for the Customer Service Department. Letter: Hughes Network Systems 11717 Exploration Lane Germantown, MD 20876 Attention: Customer Service Mail Stop D3B FAX: 301-428-1656 E-MAIL: [email protected] Once again, I do apologize. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us via email or by calling 1-866-347-3292. Thanks for using DIRECWAY E-Support.

Again, thank you for choosing DIRECWAY E-Support,



Good God Almighty people! I have spent the last two months on the phone EVERYDAY AND NIGHT (over 120 hours ON HOLD AND COUNTING) ....lol, and these folks think the resolution is going to be found in contacting their pathetic Tech Support? They can't wipe their hineys without a DWay Instruction Booklet. (Buying into DirecWay is sorta like giving yourself "the clap" ya know)? Hard to git rid of the sucker when there is no help!

I refrained from posting my reply, but it sure is clear that this one is headed for court, and that sux at best when it is totally needless. They DO have the ability to 'open it up' (because they brought my speed up from 150 to nearly 1,000 (magically) overnight due to my very first letter. So if they can do that, they can give me another 200 for a total of 1.2Mbps (which is 80% of 1.5 (as advertised) ....and I'll be happy. But NOOOOOOO. They resort to the letter like you see above. It's the same number and address I've been writing for two month to no avail. This goes beyond "stupid" ...anybody that dumb is breathing up valuable oxygen that a decent person could be making use of! :x

Visiting India (DirecWay is an India-based company mind you) is NOT on my schedule of "planned, scenic vacations. My God, what does it take to get this company to get off their butts and do something? Even the FCC won't do a thing despite their having received OVER 315,500 complaints and counting. Mine is one of those! lol.... (If this was an AMERICAN company owned by American Indians you can bet it would be looooonnnnngggggg gone by now)! But no ....let's let them rip off our people while we send India billions in financial aid! WOW! We won't help our own "street people" but we have billions for other nations. (Where have values gone in America)? In fact, I just read where a religious group from South America were given permission to use Hallucinagenic 'tea' as a part of their usual Christmas Celebrations ....IN AMERICA! Hey ...cancer patients can't have "weed" which really helps terminal patients deal with the pain, American Indians (no I am not full blooded, but I am 1/8th for what it matters) ...American Indians are NOT allowed to use Peyote, but let an unknown group of misfits roll in from South America and our Courts allow them to use ILLEGAL DRUGS? Is it just me or is there something terribly wrong with this picture? My Dad died of the worst cancer there is. HE was denied "weed" too (but he got it anyway ...screw'em)! :twisted: Maybe that wasn't the "godly" thing to do, but in my humble opinion it was the human thing to do. Shoot ...enuff said on that....

No worries though ...they were told again that we are in a legal dispute, they cannot legally shut me off without MAJOR repercussions by law, and I am not sending in one penny until a resolution is met ...and they had best send out another tech to fix the errors that the first four didn't repair! lol... (let's keep them running until they have 50 grand sunk into me ...then I'll fire them). Ain't that just great when all ya wanna do is surf and enjoy yourself, and your ISP is going out of their way to try to make it an impossibility? gawd...


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