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What is the point of having Verizon FIOS.

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If you think about , the connection is still shared , and they basically block almost all the ports for hosting any type of server, Also there are still bandwidth limits each month (Not unlimited transfer per month) . And you can only surf the net so fast anyways , why do people like showing off there FIOS , if they cant use there high speeds to do anything>

If i had a chance to get it , i would definetly go with the business package.

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Actually there are , it is still a shared connection and you affect other users.

since when do you care about other users.

besides, a shared connection is not always bad. if you have x amount of bandwidth on the line toatal, and the y bandwidth each user receives times the number of users equals or is less than x, there is no problem with people getting slowed down. overselling bandwidth is the problem, not the shared connection.

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i dont have a ded T1....... i know all traffic is shared but there not going to give you 15/2 and let you run servers on it and have like 10 lines in your house and make a business off 45$ /month connections. They must limit the traffic , if not now , then when many users get on .

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