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Laptop Batteries


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I just purchased a few extra laptop batteries for my laptops i have, and the price of laptop batteries is still out of this world about $450 bucks for 2 12 cell laptop batteries. One battery for an Inspiron 6000 notebook, and one for the Inspirion 1100 notebook. 2 batteries cost as much as a low end desktop pc.  :shock:

did you get them off of dell?  That is alot for 2 batteries!

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Yes i did get them from dell, and yeah i know it's alot of cash, but when it comes to laptop batteries i am willing to pay for the security of knowing they are 100% top notch batteries that will not flunk out after a few months. The 12 cell battery for the inspiron 1100 was $213.00 after tax can't remember the exact price of the one for the 6000 i'll have to check. The good news is i used a $300 dollar dell gift card on them i got for xmas so i didn't really dish out that much.

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