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Signal Strength Comparison By Satellite


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Something tells me that I would have to pay for that repoint.  I have spent many long hours trying to fine tune the dish.  Oh well, atleast I can pass the crosspole.  :D

You've tried repointing the dish yourself and haven't gotten a better number?

Here's an awesome post on how to repoint your own dish by 'The Reverend':


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I finally got a chance to tinker with my dish this afternoon.

I couldn't anything better for RSL, but I was able to get XPOL up to 84 pretty steady, with spikes once in a while to 88. It is cloudy today. I think a really clear day it will be a touch higher.

I haven't seen any IA8 values much higher than I have mine. The tech that moved me from SatMex 5 to IA8 said that high 70's on RSL and mid 60's on XPOL on IA8 is normal.

Also, for the previous post, fail is anything below 60.

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I re-massaged the dish this weekend in very clear weather...


1330 MHz

RSL: 82

XPOL: 86

I tried and tried and tried to get above 82. I got 83 once for a fleeting moment, but couldn't get it again. I have found that tiny adjustments are difficult becase the installers crank the bolts down so hard (so the dish doesn't move) that it flattens everything out just a touch and you end up back where you were when you re-tighten. XPOL is easier because there really isn't anything to flatten out there.

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my  revalidate isolation says zero

That value (both of them) will clear out if you do a "Clear Statistics" on the advanced page and I believe if you power-cycle the modem.

Mine says 0 in both locations too. If you go the the advanced page and just want a quick reference, click set up. then antenna pointing, then do an automatic test. It will just look once in a pass/fail mode.

For a running display, you need to use the manual version of that on the same page.

If you run either test, I think those values will re-populate. I would check for you, but it is crappy weather here today, and I never do XPOL or force ranging when it is crappy out.

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I was able to get xpol up from high 60's into the mid 70 range.  It's very touchy. Seems like 1 millimeter either way and i go back to 68 or 69. I'm using the manual crosspole test on the setup-antenna pointing page.  I would never attempt this with anything less than clear skies. When finished I ran the automatic test and got a 74.  I was not tweaking for more signal. but somehow during the process i got it  from a 46 to 53.  Signal of 55 for my sat and transponder is the highest I've heard of anyone getting with the 7000.

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