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good latency but packet loss (ONLINE GAMES)

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Hi all,

I'm having trouble with playing on-line games, the one i play the most is UT2004.

My ping could be as low as 8ms(4am) and 20ms day time but still  getting packet-loss. I love playing on-line games and that bit of loss i can really see or not. The hole game would hang for just a second but long enough to die in a instaGib game.

I don't know what it could  be and its doing it all the time.

I got all windows updates (xp home), all hardware is up to date with drivers. just got a new router and opened all router needed hum. Ad-aware, spybot and avg scanned.

Connection 1MB/1MB

My isp was having problems but say thy have fixed them witch i can see with my low ping.

Would it be OK to post some tracert and ping -t test on here for help understanding them

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is it me or my isp?

Should i just change isp's, i get the best low ping out there but packet-loss, maybe its because its so low that I'm hitting all the bumps?

Iv just got a new router and its helped a bit but still doing it :(

Any ideas?

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