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Graphics Card Destroyed


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yes i was trying to mess with my graphics card install a block to it to keep it cooler and sorta broke a pipeline, not the damn thing runs in all but haha no pipeline no action, so half my screens all fuzz, so i just threw it out, im trying to run on my onboard but a S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR Is not the best, Fucking me and my "have to touch everything" hands  :cry:

my friend has an old AGP card he doesnt use, i think im gonna bum it off him

try and get himt o send it to me over mail, fucking christ

anyways anyone no about a S3 GraphicsprosavageDDr can it be even touched? xD

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Are you sure you broke the card and it wasnt because part of the card was overheating due to the new fan?  I dont know how you secured the new heat sink to the card but if you dont have even contact there are going to be hot spots on the card that could lead to what you are discribing..

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