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Cross-pol test question


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Excuse me for probably asking questions that are obvious to more experienced members.

Being excited to find a test that might shed some light on my high transmission failures I started the cross-pol test.  It failed giving values from 48-52, then I noticed the DW7000 went down.  Code21, it took itself out of service because the test had failed.  I retested, but got the same results.  It is a cloudy day, will I have to wait for the clouds to clear and retest or was my transmitter poorly aimed in the first place and in need of adjustment? 

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Having a good ground on a 7000 system, like all electronics, is the most correct thing to shoot for, but it won't affect system performance a bit.  Still, have it done right.  If you're in a lightning prone area, you want to make sure you do this.

Other than that, peak your dish properly for the best signal possible.  Keep in mind that the proper aim and skew for a good Xpol WILL knock your signal strength off a couple points.  That's normal, and a worthwhile tradeoff.  Just don't start tweaking for skew until your dish is peaked.

Peaked means that when you tug on any corner of the dish, the signal ALWAYS drops, then climbs back when you let go.  If you tug on a corner, and the signal climbs, you're not done.  Locking down the dish tightly so it doesn't move against the wind will probably throw your aim off, especially with a .74 elliptical dish...the hardware on those is cheap, so make sure you're feeling extra patient when you do this.

Also, make sure the mast is perfectly plumb before you aim the dish.  Kentucky windage to compensate for a mast that's not plumb will frustrate you to tears, so don't short-cut that step.

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