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Crash Windows!


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I was messing around with some commands on namp last night on my dedicated box doing some scans on one of my Computers at home, and i ran accross a few commands if issued right from nmap can crash as far as i know atleast any XP Home or Pro machine. I tested it 4 times, and each time i was able to make the machine freeze up with the special crafted nmap command.

Note: (And no i will not post what command can do it)

It is very intresting though wether you have a windows based firewall on or not it will still crash the machine.

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I thought i would share my find, and inform people a little bit about it. Why does anyone post what they post? I believe it is to share, and inform people. It would be ignorant on my part to post a exploit that someone could use to crash thousands of peoples pcs if giving the chance, and even more ignorant of someone to expect me to post it. Just thought i'd share what i had discovered.

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Since you can't/won't post the command (not that i care at the least) for your own ethical/moral reasons that would officially make it gloating. not sharing, or informing but gloating on the fact you've found something assuming others havent, and has felt the need to tell people about it. I mean yes you can sa you informed that you know and assume we dont but wait. oh yeah. thats still gloating

Even though i hate repeating things cause i dont wanna be an echo,

Why'd ya post a thread about it?

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Oh yea and to gloat over your gloating as well. because if i wasn't a person who gloated i would have just let it go.

But i'm not afraid to say it. yes i gloat, have double-standards and probably a hypocrite. but i'm okay with that. its what makes me. well... me.

And those who do and say dont. well thats what makes them, them.

it's hard to know the people that are truly good and self sacrificing because the real, real genuiness of it is that they dont talk about it. they have no need. if they did that would make it an alternative motive therewhich making them not genuine. one would have to wittness the incident first hand to realize ones good naturedness.

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