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Cable Company NTL signs BitTorrent file-sharing deal

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Have u guys checked out http://www.testmy.net/articles/article-368

100Mbps from NTL

telewest has advertised earlier on the trials for this

now the telewest has been bought by NTL, NTL is advertising trials in April or so for 100Mbps with legal p2p to share maybe HDTV and other types of content

how cool is that!!

this can revolutionize the market big time :)

you can read more on cachelogic and how the P2P stuff is going to be used here http://www.cachelogic.com/news/pr100206.php

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that is a step in the right direction for sure  :D

ComHem a Swedish cable ISP announced that in spring they will upgrade to euro docsis 3.0, and offer 100 Mbps downstream, couldnt find any info on upstream, but they have 1 Mbps up today and 8 Mbps down.

Also my ISP Bredbandsbolaget announced they will offer 100 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up with vdsl2 this year

VanBuren :)

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There is more development on this story

click on here http://www.testmy.net/articles/article-378 to read more about it.

confirmation of docsis 3.0

some picture from our source of the news

3 HD streams being transmited via the coax cable and still bandwidth to spare

OMG awsomeeeeeeee

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