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Experiences with 802.11b/g External/Auxilliary Antennae ?


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I've been looking at an external antenna for wireless routers/access points.

Does anybody have any experience with them?  Google searches get mixed reviews on their effectiveness.

This is one I'm looking at:


I'm also looking at a couple of Hawking and dLink models.

I need to effectively double or triple the existing range I'm getting from a LinkSys router.  In this case running another Cat5 cable really isn't practical due to construction and a few other factors, but running 20' of cable to an outdoor antenna like the one linked above would be no problem.

I'm not concerned about 'wardrivers' here due to the nature and location of the building.

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I have not bought one of these.. however, I am looking to try and get my hands on http://www.superpass.com/SPFPG13.html to give it a test.. The only thing that you need to be careful of is the connection type.  Linksys, if i remember correctly, uses like 2 or 3 different type of connection for their antennas.  And i dont think that the dlink stuff will work..  But not 100% positive..

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