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Easiest and cheapest way to get ringtones


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Easiest and cheapest way to get ringtones on your phone.

Okay, first of all, i'd like to say that if you dont find this morally correct (you wanna pay for your songs) then this isnt the way for you.


Ive tested this with 2 phones, and both worked. I used the motorola v180 and the Razr v3.

- Getting the right phone

First off you need to make sure you have a usb compatible phone. I use the motorolla razr, and it has a USB port on the side, which is also the charging port. Its a mini usb wire which the end you connect to the device is very small. Usually, camera's come with it. Anyway, just make sure u have the port on your phone. I believe all motorola phones are USB compatible

- Getting it set-up

Basically all you need is to connect the USB wire to your phone. Then look for a program which lets you connect your phone to your pc. I use MOBILedit! (just google it). When you install the program (im gonna use MOBILedit!) setup your device and the files should be in your audio folder.

- Getting the ringtones

Best place (i think) to get ringtones is www.nextpimp.com - they might not be the best quality but they are free. Once you get the right ringtone, download it, and drag+drop it into your audio folder and it should copy automatically.

An alternate way of getting ringtones would be using MP3 editing software to edit and save the part of the song you want for a ringtone, and draggin+dropping that. I havent used it yet, so i cant tell you how good/bad it will work out.


I am well aware that many phones arent USB compatible, so method #1 doesnt work for all. This method works for every phone which is internet compatible. If you have to pay for internet, this might cost you a little, but its like 30 cents per ringtone for me... its less than the $3 other companies charge

- Getting it setup

You will use your computer as a webserver and connect to it using your phone. First you need abyss webserver which u can get at http://www.aprelium.com/

Set that up, and put the ringtone you want in your htdocs folder, naming it something simple such as 1.wav, ect.

Now go to http://whatismyip.com , open up your phone's web browser and type that in for the address. If you have a ringtone named 1.wav in your htdocs folder, puy your ip (lets say my ip is 123.456.78.90, i would put http://123.456.78.90/1.wav). If it doesnt work, read the aprelium website on how to change the port of the webserver, as your ISP might be blocking it. And dont put full songs (files 3mb big), that will cost you alot to transfer :).

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