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Lost records


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Hi all,I've been using this site,bandwidth tests and forums for around 3 weeks.All has been well.That is until this morning,(Sat 4th March),when all my data has vanished.Both my 7days worth of results and my monthly results,(in my case 3 weeks),are just not here anymore.I query,using my handle in the normal way and nothing.Has anyone got any ideas please.It's kind of important.I've been trying to gather  a months worth of tests,(running download tests and upload teast several times per day),to present to my isp.They have informed me that my 4Mbps connection has been upgraded to 8Mbps.This just isn't true.Except for ,maybe one time in every 50 I get 3mbps ---4mbps, the one time in 50 I get 4mbps-4.5mbps.Only on 2 accasions have I exceeded 4.5mbps,once at 4.75mbps and once at 5.5mbps.So if anyone can help me trace my missing data,I'd be most thankful.Until my isp upgrades to adsl2+in 3 months time,I would like to get the bandwidth I'm paying for.My records must be on testmy.net's servers somewhere.In advance loads of thanks for anyone who may help  cheers

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