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  1. D Lewis23 Thanks a lot.It sounds so obvious, now you have told me Have a great day
  2. Does anyone know how I can sync my Ipod to WMP 11 beta or to my Real Player? I have thousands of tracks ripped from loaned cd's and bought from stores other then ITunes.I can't afford to pay for all these tracks,(many for a 2nd time).Otherwise it will mean returning my Ipod nano unused. .This is the first ipod I've ever owned ,so I'm a real newbie with this technology.Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help
  3. If the early benchmarks of Intel's "Conroe" are anywhere near accurate,they will blow AMD right out of the water.The 2.66ghz conroe was 15%-30% faster then an overclocked, FX [email protected]!! So maybe for the first time in a few years AMD will lose their performence crown. I have a Pentium 4 and have taken it for granted that I will be upgrading to a 4800+ Amd.Well now it looks like a 2.8 conroe with either Ati R580+ or N'vidia's equal top end card.I have no brand loyalty.I will buy whatever is the best I can afford.Still as long as I get a nice fast new rig,for about
  4. I'm in London in the Uk and 24Mbps down and 1.8Mbps up is the best residentual deal there is. I'm just upgrading from 8meg to 16 down and .5Meg to 1Meg up.With free national phone calls at anytime it will cost about
  5. Depends on the nature of the illegality! If someone is looking for kiddy-porn,or is ripping off people--tell the FBI If it's a minor hack,I personally would let it go,not then I have no responsibility.
  6. Sorry Cholla But I'm more the aging hippy sort. The new Doctor who is good,are you on to David Tennant yet! I'm still sulking because you guys,(not you personally of course),are not making any more star-treks,or X-files, They were top US tv.
  7. Cholla-- I apologise if I sounded like I was making all Americans sound the same,it most certainly wasn't my aim.One historical fact I have to put straight is the nuking of Japan. Before the"Elona Gay" dropped her potent load,the Nazi's had surrendered.I think it was 2 to 3 months before hand.I wouldn't dream of saying the USA wasn't a massive addition to the allied side.My father,who was in the "Royal Navy" for 12 years.For 2 of them he worked cheek by jowl with US marines,whom he said were as" fine a bunch of lads as could be found". His only gripe was that he still got British Navy pay,which was much lower then his US buddies pay (lol). I think it was not only the correct moral decision,for the USA to join in the 2nd World war.it was also a practicle one too.It would have only been a question of time before the Nazi's would have turned their attention to North America. I think the Japs were finished before they got nuked too.The Soviets had just declared war on Japan,or were just about too.So part of the reason the nukes were dropped was a warning to the Soviets.The other reason was so that each little Japanese island didn't have to be fought for.As I've said I think there was a good chance the Japs were through anyway. Cholla I like communicating with you. We may not always agree,but you argue your case well and never reduce things to name calling and insults--all power to your elbow
  8. The USA did turn up,eventually at the great wars.Unfortunately it also likes starting wars,where none are needed---Iraq(twice)Vietnam,Granada,Nicaragua through the back door etc. Now I'm not beimg un-American just putting some balance to it all J3GRIZZ--You can tell me to piss-off,if you like,but that reduces the level of debate to kindergarten.As for your analysis of the 2 World wars I think you got it wrong.The idiocy of Hitler starting an Eastern front ,did for the Nazi's.The Soviet Union,(yes we all know it was a pernicious system),had as much,if not more to do with winning the 2nd World war,then the USA. As for the 1st World war.it was the most pointless of all wars.It was more about a land grab.The Austro-Hungarian and the Otterman Empires were at the point of collapse and all the European nations just wanted as much land and influence as possible.The USA were not a desiding factor.Try reading Eric Hobsbawm's "Age of Extremes----the short 20th century !914--1991"I think the USA and the UK have many deep links.I have had many great American buddies and girl-friends.I just find it wierd that you have this "tear in the eye"at the "Star spangled banner" type of patriotism.In the UK when the national anthem is played,or the Union flag's lifted up the flag -pole,only about 2-3% of people stand or sing along.However I don't think this shows people don't love their country.You love what your country is doing,what it stands for.how inclusive we are and of course it's history.The flag and national anthems are the throw away wrapping----the people are the prize One difference between the UK and the USA is this.-In the UK if we vote,say to the left and the right wing candidate wins the election,we still disagree with the incumbrant.We don't change out personal political philosophy's to fit in with our Prime-Ministers.In the States,regardless of how you vote.you get behind your President "come what may". Now I can understand there are positive and negative sides to both outlooks.For me personally,I am of the left and I could not put up with 11 years of that arch crone of the left"Thatcher"and "get behind her". She stood for all I hate about the British right.I do however understand the value of getting behind your leader regardless.It also has great risks---the majority of ordinary Germans got behind Hitler and the Nazis. J3GRIZZ--Just like I could cease to partake of this forum,there are no rules forcing you to read my postings.I like swoping ideas with people even if sometimes I disagree with them.I like the idea of swopping ideas with you and hope you can see things in the same constructive way.If not I won't loose any sleep/
  9. Netmasta---at last an American who can see the other side of the coin.
  10. The Uk is smaller then most of your states,we still get around one quarter to one third of the immigrants you do.So clearly not everyone wants to go to the USA Yet it doesn't make me crow about how wonderful we are.Most of you guys are only third or forth generation immigrants from Europe'Asia or Africa anyhow.I think the patriotism thing makes Americans sound unsure of there nation.If you know the US of A is so great,why do you have to keep shouting about it.Surely you would just take it as said.Screaming the greatness of your nation, makes many others recoil and think you are trying to sell shabby goods.like so much coca cola amd Macdonalds Like us in the UK you have much to be proud of and also like us you have some things it's just better to be quite about.I sure as hell wouldn't want to shout about all the invations of smaller nations ,(just like us).I sure as Hell would want to keep George W quite and hope no-one else has noticed him.As well as saving a lot of good things going on in the World,you are also the World's bully,(you have taken this nasty batton from us).Then again you can say I'm just an Irish/Jewish lefty.It wouldn't take any of the truth out of what I'm saying.
  11. "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"---That was said by a great Brit/American Winstone Churchill----
  12. Interesting little film.I don't really think the world trade centre was blown apart on purpose.I do,as I've said earlier in this thread,think the enemy is Bush and the neo-cons.You could say to me,"man you live in the UK and they joined in too".You would be correct,but the USA has the power.Bush as engineered hysteria in a way Blair couldn't in the UK.We have live through IRA bombs.We share our major cities,(I'm in London),with many muslems.We are sure the vast majority of Irish and Muslems are peace loving people. I think Bush has used 9/11 to the profit of his kind,not all Americans,just his right wing crazed kind.Maybe his cadre even bought about 9/11 spiritually,but it's highly questionable, at least,whether he actually ordered the trade centre to be demolished.But you Americans,please don't give a pernicious crank like him a chance again!
  13. Technology,weed,jazz,women and euphoria in general
  14. Have a good holiday everyone----great site and nice forum-----good vibes from the UK
  15. The capital of Greenland is Godthaab---not to hard to pronounce,really is it!
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