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How to boost your wireless range and reception


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Electronics. An increase in signal power, voltage, or current by an amplifier,

expressed as the ratio of output to input. Also called amplification.<br>

Gain is term used for measuring of increase in signal power, described in

decibels (dB). Gain is typically measured in dBi (decibels relative to isotropic

radiator) and is based on decibels. The higher the dBi measurement, the higher

the power level of the antenna.[/quote


- A network card which enables expansion for an External Antenna.

- An external Antenna

- Right connection cables between the antenna and network card

- NetStumbler client

- About 30-60 minutes

Possible show stoppers:

If you have a laptop with an internal network card which is very common forget about it, you can

Disclaimer: testmy.net and its mods are not responsible for any damage to hardware, software, systems, or bodily harm if you decided to attempt this. We strongly recommend that you attempt this only if you are confident in your computer skills and have some time to troubleshoot. As always, make sure that you make the propper backups before making any major system changes.

Who is this guide for:

For people that have wireless coverage in your house but you is too far from the main antenna or for some unknown reason you are not getting a good reception.

How we are going to achieve improving you Wireless reception:

The best thing you can do to extend the range of your WiFi signal is to add an external antenna with stronger gain to your system.

[i]"Gain"[/i] defined from [url="http://www.dictionary.com"]www.dictionary.com[/url] is
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