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Old modem


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Alright i have this older modem and i was wondering can i disconnect my current modem, and plug this one in and get a better connection i think it has a higher setting than my current modem pcx2200: current and the one i found SBV4200 VOIP Cable Modem, my sister had her internet turned off, but i have a line for my internet is it possible for me to run this modem, over my old one. i just wanna see if it will work /// get me more speed

if its possible, can i have assistance

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WINS Addresses;

             what is this, and should i be running one

                            bc im not :

WINS = Windows Internet Name Service.

This is for resolving NetBIOS names into IP addresses.  Since most ISPs block NetBIOS ports (usually 135-139) due to hacking exploits, it should not be necessary unless you are setting up a NetBIOS network in your home....which also should not be necessary.

If you are looking under the WINS tab of the advance TCP/IP options in XP, check the box for "enable LMHOSTS lookup" and set the NetBIOS setting to default.

But you definitely need to do as Swimmer suggests and get the MAC registered on the ISP network.

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