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Help! Wireless connection slow for web but not file sharing!


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I'm having a very peculiar problem. I discovered that my intel 2200bg card is somehow capping my web browser downloads at 1.5Mbps (~200kB/s). Any file I download through any browser does not go faster. Speed tests at www.testmy.net and www.dslreports.net all cap out at around 1.5Mbps.

BUT, torrents go at 500kB/s, which is the way it's supposed to be. Transferring files over the network is also much faster than the 1.5Mbps "cap" observed on web downloads.

This even happens in safe mode so I highly doubt this is a software issue (of course it can still be drivers, just not some spyware or other S#!t). If I hook up a wired connection I immediately get boosted to 500kB/s on the speed tests.

I tried the dell drivers and the drivers from intel. This is all with just the drivers and letting windows manage the connection.

What should I do???

P.S. I put this here and not the internet section because this is a driver/card issue, nothing to do with my ISP.



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