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Congress May Consider Mandatory ISP Snooping


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A News.com story covering a most disquieting trend in the House of Representatives. From the article: "Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette's proposal says that any Internet service that 'enables users to access content' must permanently retain records that would permit police to identify each user. The records could not be discarded until at least one year after the user's account was closed. It's not clear whether that requirement would be limited only to e-mail providers and Internet providers such as DSL (digital subscriber line) or cable modem services. An expansive reading of DeGette's measure would require every Web site to retain those records."

. . .it's time to buy HEAVILY into Samsung, Seagate and Matrox stocks!

In other words, ISPs will have to spend more money on hardware. Since ISPs aren't some charity organisations, this means they have to up their prices to cover the additional expense. In other words, the 'net gets more expensive.

[as Congress forces us to pay for the removal of our privacy]

. . .or shut down the US web hosting business!

[The US economy is in such great shape that every opportunity should be used to transfer businesses out of the country. It's only fair, right]

. . .or maybe we should just let congress tag our ears like a roaming herd and get this whole thing over with.

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not thrilled about this.. just gives the government one more big brother..  Hell maybe bush is already doing this it could be a part of the wire tapping that he decided to do..

I personally think that you should have to have a warrent to tap/capture any information that could be used against you in court..

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