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Much Better Test Results

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About 2 weeks ago, I came to this forum with a problem. My download speeds were very satisfactory and in line with tests from other sites.  My upload speed was unsatsisfactory and much lower than tests from other sites.  I was advised to clean my cache, temp. files, etc.  It did not help.  This morning, I tested again and download is consistent with past tests.  After I start the upload test, I get a warning "Oops, your selected test file size is too large....... this mirror (I am not testing a mirror) you have been redirected to the server at test my net.  My test score has increased and  is now in line with other sites. Whats up?

  "Exact Quote

Oops, I'm sorry but the maximum test size for this mirror is kB. The file size you have chosen is a valid file size, but the remote server does not accept uploads this large. Uploads this large require special configuring on the server-side to work. For your convenience your upload test request of 2992 kB is being forwarded to the testmy.net server instead of 's server... testmy.net has been configured to accept this type of request.

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